Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Post baby body-Pre baby body

So in honor of the start of my couch to 5k program I thought I'd dedicate this post and share my Pre baby body and post baby body. To not only hold me accountable to to give myself more of a visual goal

This is me Pre baby(circa 2007) right before I met my husband

135 pounds. And to think I thought I was heavy then. Of course during our dating months and various deployments I gained about 10 pounds that fluctuated on and off so when Gianna was conceived I was 145 pounds.

Again I thought I was heavy. Sigh

Now two babies later I am at an all time high of 160. I got down to 150 by April of this year but with the hubby coming back home and vacation I've gained 10 pounds back. The sad thing is I don't eat that unhealthy. From taking with friend the opinion is I don't eat enough throughout the day.
My daily food intake looks something like this
Breakfast- coffee
Lunch- a sandwich or salad
Dinner- whatever I cook. Usually a chicken dish and veggies.
If I drink soda it's diet and I limit myself one per day. I do drink a few glasses of wine every night though which could be the problem.
But it's frustrating to not lose any weight and to keep gaining

So yesterday marked the first day of my couch to 5k. The program has me starting off slow. Walk for 10 mins jog for 2. Totally doable. In fact after I hit the minute mark of running I felt awesome. By the 2 min mark I was a winded animal. But when it was all over I felt amazing. Proud of myself and excited to continue in with this journey

I know in order to achieve results I need to watch my diet as well. So I've cut out soda and wine during the week and all junk and fast food.

Today breakfast was oatmeal and a fruit smoothie. Lunch will be tuna and a protein shake and dinner will be a salad or a sandwich since tonight Is a busy night due to Gianna's gymnastics and my have a book club meeting.

And now to reveal my post baby bod. Yikes

My weight this morning was 161.0 I'm looking to get down to my Pre Gianna weight of 145. Here is to the start of my

I will back every week sharing my progress and for those of you who said you were interested in joining comment below and I can make a link where we can update each other on our progress! Good luck everyone

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  1. Definitely use the myfitness pal app to track your calorie intake. I honestly did not change what I ate, I just ate less of it and it helped tremendously! You are going to do amazing! :)

  2. You can do it girl I know you can!!!! I can tell you something that Shane and I have both learned. We haven't changed our eating habits that much, we learned to eat certain things in moderation. We don't drink pop like we use too, which did help a lot!!! Dinner is normally our only decent meal each day. I've lost 30 lbs so I know you can kick the goals butt that you have!!

  3. You go girl!! :) I am also thinking of starting the couch to 5k ! I just saw another blogger write about it- maybe it was instagram?! and I feel like I need to do something... and as I am NOT an exercise person- this might be doable. Thanks for sharing, and good luck!

  4. Are you tracking actual calories? I LOVE my fitness pal, it's fantastic. I'm 5'7" and down from 152 on June 5th to 144 today by working out and keeping my net calories around 1200. Also, EAT BREAKFAST! It will really help.

    Good luck, I know you can do it.

  5. Good for you, friend!! Weight wise we are/were in the same boat (before and after), but we do carry differently. I look at you and think, "it doesn't seem like she has much to loose. She can do that easily". I look at myself and feel like it'll take me 10 years!
    I've cut out sugar and almost all processed foods. I've been going to the gym, but not enough and am not pushing myself hard enough. I'd LOVE to be a runner. Like really really want to be. But I get shin splints every time I try C25K. So.. Monday I'm starting Body Pump. Pray for me!!

  6. you are going to do so well! the key is to stay active, which i am sure you are with two under two!!! but... just adding a little more activity will make you feel AWESOME and that you can accomplish ANYTHING! you can do it, i am here cheering you on!

  7. I'm taking a nutrition class right now so I am NOT an expert, but eating too little calories can be just as damaging. Your body will stockpile any calories it gets its hands on if it thinks its starving or doesn't know when next full meal is coming. I don't know anything about Army healthcare, but perhaps a doctor could refer you to a nutritionist. Getting active is really helpful, but if you aren't in the right calorie range for your body, you still won't lose. Good luck!!! xoxo (and for what its worth, I think you look fantastic, and I'm impressed with how brave you are for posting pics...I've debated it and always debate against ;)

  8. You can do it!!! Definitely start eating breakfast...it kickstarts your metabolism for the day. Coffee just doesn't cut it!

    If you're interested in Advocare let me know, it's helped me a TON! I've seen people with some great results.

  9. Losing the baby weight is so hard! I'm in the same boat with a 9-month-old and a few lbs. that don't seem to want to budge. Good luck!