Thursday, July 18, 2013


In so many ways Gianna turning 2 has been bittersweet. Long gone are the newborn days, the baby days even and in there place is life with a toddler. A toddler with her own likes and dislikes, her own personality, stubborn ways and full blown Miss Independent.

Instead of coming to me to ask for help she now will say "I do it." Instead of cuddling with me she now cuddles and holds her baby dolls the way I used to hold her.

Her baby talk has been replace by full out sentences and she labels and talks to everything. We can't leave the house without her waving and saying goodbye to every item she sees(Goodbye kitchen, goodbye shoes, goodbye baby) she is starting to generalize items she sees. For example she can point out the moon in a book and know that the moon is in the sky outside. She now identifies animals and objects if we are out and about, reading a book or by seeing them on tv. She is like a sponge for information

Last night we said goodbye to a big item and that represents infancy. Her crib. In its place stands a full sized bed, with big person sheets and blankets.
A few days ago she started screaming if we put her in her crib. We'd go about our nighttime ritual as always but something was different. The minute we'd walk out of the room shed scream. And now scream like she didn't want to go to bed. She screamed like someone was out to get her. We'd go into the room to a shaking, trembling toddler who basically crawled into our arms and pointed towards the door and asked to go. We still aren't sure if she was having nightmares, if it was separation anxiety or some sort of power struggle. We hope the big girl bed helps. (She still ended up crawling into our bed at 2am) however she went down for a nap on her own. Fingers crossed

Yesterday also marked her first hair cut.

She did awesome. And I didn't even cry

It's crazy how fast time flies. And how one stage quickly changes into the next.
For now we are in the terrible two's and they are rapidly making an appearance. But I'm still loving every second with my baby girl.

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  1. She's so precious OMG I just wanna pinch her cheeks.

  2. She is so big & adorable. My littlebit is almost 16 months old, and has just started getting hair. I dont know if she'll ever need a first haircut at this rate. Ha!