Saturday, June 2, 2012

Girls Day

Today I have a girls day out planned. I can't remember the last time I had a day out with the girls without having to bring Gianna along. Not to mention that I'm getting to hang out with my bestie. Who I haven't really hung out with much this past year. She didn't move to Florida until march and she still lives 45 mins away! Not to mention that since her and her hubby don't have kids yet our weekends are spent doing totally different things.

So when she texted me the the other day to set up a girls day I was excited. We are meeting up at noon to do some shopping, then heading to the beach for a little bit before meeting up with another friend and going to see What to expect when your expecting and then out to dinner.

I can't wait to actually go to the beach and be able to lay out and relax. Without having to chase a baby around!

After the week I've had with Gianna teething this day out will be amazing for my own sanity! And I'm not gonna lie I'm looking forward to the hubs being alone with Gianna all day so he can fully appreciate how hard ring a stay at home mom is. I swear he still thinks its easy and that I spend my days watching tv! I wish!

Well I'm off to get ready! Hope yall are having a great Saturday

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