Monday, June 18, 2012

Catching Up

- I had so much fun participating in the vlog link up. I only got through watching a few videos since we were busy with famiy in town but I plan on getting caught up this week

- I am 21 weeks already. Where has the time gone? I have a drs appt today and another ultrasound on Wednesday. Lately I've been paranoid that baby boy Is really a girl. Oh well I will find out Wednesday for sure!

- all last week we had family in town and wouldn't you know the first few days I felt like I was back to being 10 weeks pregnant again. This second trimester for me has been rough. I haven't gotten my energy back, and I'm still nauseous and experiencing horrible migraines. This pregnancy has been way worse than number 1.

- We have a name picked out for baby boy but I want to go with something different. We will see if I can convince the hubs of that

- Gianna's smash cake photos are this Saturday. I have looked everywhere for someone to make a ruffle cake for her. The bad thing about living in a small town is that finding a baker or bakery is extremely hard. Most had a 100 dollar minimum. So I settled on a publix cake and am anxious to see how it turns out.

- tourist season has officially begun in destin. There were so many accidents this weekend it's crazy. Not to mention all the beaches have failed there water quality tests. Too much human fecal waste in the water. Say what! So gross. We've been staying away from the beach these past few weeks. We did go once but didn't venture into the water too much

Here is my 20 week bump at the beach

- We are hoping to get the nursery painted this week. The hubs was planning on painting it today but we want to wait till after the ultrasound on Wednesday. I have him paranoid as well

- this week I have so much to do. Dr's appts, finalizing details for Gianna's party( is it that hard to RSVP) make her tutu for her high chair, pick up her cake, get her pics and our family photos taken and clean before the fil comes into town. It's going to be a crazy week

Happy Monday everyone

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  1. Dont even get me started on RSVPs! Your beach bump pic is too cute!!

  2. Sounds like you are a busy busy lady!

  3. Good for you rockin' the bikini while pregnant...super cute bump!