Thursday, June 7, 2012

Stroller advice and other randoms from the week

1. A year ago I had everything ready for Gianna's arrival. The nursery was decorated, the clothes washed and put away, the car seat installed in the car and the stroller set up in the garage. I never thought that less than a year later I would be purchasing more baby stuff! I had planned on keeping all Gianna's things, car seat, bassinet, stroller, etc for when baby #2 was born a few years later. Now in 5 months that baby will be born and we need a double stroller and a new infant car seat. So I need your help. What infant car seat do you recommend? We used the Graco snugride with Gianna and while we liked it she was starting to outgrow it by 6 months. Supposedly the thing is supposed to last until the baby hits 30 pounds. Gianna was 15 pounds by the time we had to change it to the loosest setting. SO we moved her to the convertible car seat. I want a car seat that will last but isn't super expensive. I looked at a Chicco and found a double stroller that would work with that car seat but am unsure of the brand. And while I'd love a Bob that's out of the question. I'm not spending a fortune on a freaking stroller.So ladies any recommendations for car seats and double stroller's? And since Gianna will still be a baby herself I don't want a sit and stand. Thanks in advance for your help

2. We received our first water bill in the new house. $400! Say what! At our old house it was never above 80 bucks. This bill is more than my cable and electric combined. Something is seriously wrong here. We keep calling and having them reread the meter and they told us according to the meter we have used 1600 gallons of water in 3 weeks. How is that even possible. We don't have a pool, M shower's at work, we don't have a sprinkler system or water the lawn. There is no way. I don't even do the dishes or wash clothes every day. I'm hoping they can resolve this issue because if our water bill is 400 bucks every month we will be broke

3. The hub's starts leave Saturday. Three whole weeks of family time. Unfortunately it's not the quality family time I had planned. With various visitor's, frequent dr's appt, family pictures, various things to do around the house  and Gianna's birthday party our schedule is crazy busy. I'm a little irritated about it all seeing as M will be gone for at least 5 month's, probably miss the birth of baby #2 and then deploy for a good 6-9 months after. So to say we needed this family time is an understatement. But oh well, life happens so what can you do. . It'll still be nice just to have him hanging around the house with us. Not to mention with the above water bill we are living like hermit's until this gets straightened out.

4. Hubs painted Gianna's new room last week and will be painting the new nursery this week. I am so excited to finish Gianna's room and start on baby boy's room. It's all coming together

5. I am counting down the day's until the Olympics. I can't wait until they start. You will find me glued to the tv come the end of July

6. Gianna is so close to walking. She will walk if I hold one hand, she pushes her walking toys around the house and walks along all the furniture. However if you try to get her to take a step on her own she immediately sits down. This child of mine is very stubborn

7.  I sent out the invite's for Gianna's first birthday party and have all the decorations bought and ready to go. I was planning on making my own deserts but with all the family we will be having in town leading up to the party I'm just going to forgo that idea and buy a store bought cake for Gianna. I know I'm a slacker but I really dont want to spend all my time in the kitchen making cake pops and other desert's when we have company

8. I made my first photo book for Gianna. I originally intended for it to be about Gianna's first year but by the time i hit page 90 in the book and used over 600 pics I had only covered month's 1-5. So I guess I will be starting another one very soon. What are your favorite sites to make photo books

9. Who has been watching the Bachelorette.  I hate to say it but I find Emily kind of boring. I mean she's gorgeous and everything but this season is lacking excitement. Actually the past few have been. I feel like they all follow the same formula. There's always an asshole, an inspiring singer, a person who is still in love with their ex and has to leave, blah blah blah. Reality not so much! But that's just my opinion

And that's about it for the week. Hopefully lovebug here will take a nap soon, the water bill gets figured out and I can lay on the couch with a good book in hand. Have a great week everyone


  1. Ummm, I totally love the Olympics! Can't wait!!!

    And, yes The Bachelorette is so predictable. She obviously didn't really want Alejandro over Charlie...but I'm convinced the producers make her keep certain people for drama!

  2. We loved the Chicco carseat {and they are ranked one of the best for safety by consumer reports} We made sure to get the Chicco Keyfit 30... It lasted us for the first year of munchkin's life. He really only grew out of it length wise {but he has always been off the growth charts with length} I also love some of the new prints that they have for them ;-) And it still is in great shape, so it holds up really well.
    I too am super stoked for the Olympics and find Emily dull on the Bachelorette lol
    Good luck figuring out the water issue!

  3. Chicco is a great brand! We have the whole travel system and love it. My chunker is big for her age, and at 6 months we still have one setting to go and she's still comfy. Their car seats are deep so baby is safe and snug. I can't recommend Chicco enough :)