Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Remember When

I woke up this morning in my
Childhood bedroom and as I looked around I was struck with a wave of melancholy. Since I've moved my bedroom has been turned into an office/storage unit. All my furniture is gone since I took it to Nc and only a few pictures I left hanging still adorn the walls

It's hard to believe that a year and a half ago I was still living here waiting for my soldier to come home. Now I'm living in NC and the family I used to see daily I see three times a year

Today marks my first day of vacation. M is still in Nc as he has a mandatory work mtg on Friday. After that he is packing up the car and driving to WI. Saturday is my cousins wedding and Sunday we will be packing up to head to northern Wi to stay at his familys cabin on a lake

As I was laying in the blow up bed my parents crammed into my old room I thought about how things have changed.

Remember when summer vacation meant 2.5 months of no school. Instead you were free to play with your friends all day or participate in summer camp or other sports and activities. Now it means nothing besides Warner weather and hopefully being fortunate enough to get 2 weeks of vacation

Remember when the last thing you wanted to do as a teenager was go on a family vacation. How you couldn't wait to grow up and live on your own and so whatever you wanted. Now it means getting very exited to take a family vacation and reminisce with family members about the good old says

Remember when girls nights meant figuring out what bar to go to and what to wear for the night. Now girls nights are spent with your pregnant friends and their babies sharing labor and delivery stories which scare the crap outta unpregnant me

Remember when working during the summer usually consisted of working an awesome summer job with 4-6 hour shifts. None starting until 10 and only lasting u until 6. Now I work 13 hour days and am constantly taking work home with me

And as I thought about these things this morning there is nothing that I wouldn't change. It's just funny how life and priorities change over the years. I am glad I am in my hometown catching up with my family and friends but I love my life in NC with my babe and wouldn't change it for the world.

Though I am going to take full advantage of being pampered by my mom and dad while I stay with them until I leave to go up north on Sunday. Maybe I will convince them to move to NC. Then I can see them more often!

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  1. I know, it's crazy how things change as we get older!

  2. I do remember all of that! But for me "girls' night out" almost never happens because either my friends can't get sitters or they are too busy with their families.

  3. So true! I definitely miss the summer breaks!

  4. I don't miss being a kid until summer rolls around - and then I wish desperately for the three months of vacation. Hope you enjoy your trip! Maybe you will get a little alone time. :)

  5. Its definitely mind blowing to look back and think about change and time flying by.

  6. It's so crazy to see how things change as years go by. I would never have guessed that my life would be where it is now a few years back, but I'm so happy that it is! Wish time didn't go so fast though - I feel so old nowadays! haha

  7. I just recently moved back home. While I was gone I missed my parents like crazy, but now I'm just feeling a little CRAZY