Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I am a hot mess when it comes to stress. Many of the things I stress out about I bring on myself. Like my to do lists that I feel I have to accomplish in a day instead of spacing things out. Oh well some day I will learn not to place so much pressure on myself

One thing that does affect me
Big time is anxiety. From as long as I can remember taking tests made me sick, preparing for a track me made me puke from
Nerves and doctor visits sent me over the edge. I am still that way today. The last two times I went to the doctor my bp was slightly high but they said it was ok. My mom is not convinced especially since we have a history of heart problems. So she has been telling me to go get my bp checked.
So yesterday at Sams club I noticed they had a bp machine. I was shopping with a friend and her two little kids when she asked if I could watch her baby while she took her two year old to the bathroom. Well the bathrooms were conveniently located by the bp machine so I decided to take mine.

Instead of sitting down I leaned over the machine and had one arm in the bp cuff and the other one on the cart with baby girl. Then I kept moving so the cuff kept releasing and tightening. Then I started panicking that something would happen to baby girl and I wouldn't be able to help her since my hand was stuck in a cuff. Then I started worrying bout really getting stuck and the fact that the machine was taking so long. So my heart rate went from 60 beats per minute to 140. I was that nervous. So needless to say the machine read I had stage two hypertension. I instantly called my mom who is a nurse and she said the reading was probably a little off due to the fact that I kept moving and wasn't sitting but now she wants me to see a specialist especially since I want to start having kids. That thought alone makes my bp soar.

So I wandered if any of you had problems with high Bp and what you do to lower it. Either natural or prescription remedies. I do think I get so anxious and that affects me big time but I don't know how to stop being a worry wart and how to decrease my

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  1. Prescriptions have always worked well for me for my anxiety. I used to take an antidepressant (Effexor XR) and an anxiolytic (clonazepam) and the combination worked great. I'd take the clonazepam as needed since it's fast acting and calms your body down.

    I've also found yoga and meditation to be very helpful as well, even if you do it just once a week.

  2. My husband has the same problem with his bp - it's always really high at the doctor's or dentist office. And he is a doctor, but he still gets really nervous. When he takes his bp at home it's fine. Like you're mom said your bp was probably jacked up because you were moving and not sitting.

    I second Ally's suggestion of yoga and meditation. Since I'm a massage therapist I'd say toss massage or energy work into the mix. If you want more info about any of the suggestions send me an email - annoyedarmywife {at} gmail.com

  3. I was going to say I have major anxiety too but since the doctors know that, if they see a slight spike in my bp they don't worry. Good luck!!

  4. As a chiropractor, I will tell you that I have had multiple patients whose bp lowered just from getting regular adjustments! With that said, that is not always the case, but it's worth a shot :) Also, I take (and sell to my patients if they ask) a multivitamin drink called IntraMax. It's awesome and the whole reason I got on it is bc a doctor I used to work with took it and it lowered his bp and cholesterol!

  5. I would definitely get it checked out before you have kids. When you are pregnant your BP goes up alot, so yours might go to an unhealthy level. I actually have a very low bp {I only got up to the normal range when I was pregnant} so I'm the opposite. I don't know about any medicines or anything...but I would definitely check it out!