Thursday, July 8, 2010

Holding down the homefront

I mentioned yesterday that I have a ton of things to do before M gets home. Things like grocery shopping and taking both cars in for tire rotations and oil changes. This all has to fit in around my 40+ hour work week.

I'm not complaining mind you. I love doing little things for my Hubby so that when he gets home from this deployment he can relax. However when he called last night I had to toot my own horn. I of course let it be known that I am the best wife ever and proceeded to tell him
How I was taking his car in and planning his favorite meals for the week of his return. His response was oh great babe that's less stuff I had to do when I get back. To which my our year old self snapped yea but more stuff more me to do.

I know I shouldn't feel this way but sometimes his lack of appreciation bothers me. It also irritated me that he then had to rush off the phone cause everyone was going out. Leaving a pic in my head of him partying it up and me at jiffy lube getting an oil change

I have spent this deployment fixing everything that needed to be around the house, finished decorating the house and finally got curtains up in all the rooms. I wanted everything to be perfect for him when M returned home. I went out and bought him a whole new summer wardrobe and new books for him to read on our vacation.

And what will I get in return besides the return of my Hubby?
More work for me to do. Now I'll be back to doing laundry for two people, cooking and cleaning up after two lol. Don't misunderstand me I cannot wait for the Hubby to come home but I think upon his arrival he should be standing with a dozen roses, a nice piece of jewelry from tiffanys and a romantic night out planned

I know you are wandering where this bitterness is coming from
Since yesterday I posted a list of all the reasons I was excited for my soldier to return

And once again the blame falls to my dogs. I took them out one last time before I left for work. My youngest pup found a dead animal carcass and rolled in it. She reeked so I had to give her a bath before I could go to work. I just about lost it, tears of frustration were streaming down my cheeks. I am so overwhelmed. There is so much I have to do in these next few days and I don't have enough time to do them all.

I know my frustration and bitterness is mostly due to my hubbys flight being delayed and the change in his leave, along with my desire for him to be home already. I feel horrible for even writing this post as my
Hubby has been deployed and here I am now complaining bout things.

Bad army wife! I am going to pull myself together, get my to do list done and cook my hubbys favorite meal for his return all the while hoping for some roses and a date night!

So to all you milspouses out there. How do you handle the stress of redeployment. Do your hubbys come home with gifts for you or is it mostly you taking care of things for their arrival?

Thanks for reading my venting. I really do love doing all the little things for the Hubby. The dog just pushed me over the edge today. I am hereby relinquishing all dog duties to the Hubby

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  1. sorry your day started out so rough, hope you get your to-do list done without any problems

  2. You're allowed to have a bad day and good for you for being honest. I'm not a milspouse, but I totally get overwhelmed feeling like I do everything around the house, but I just have to remind myself that he has to work long hours to help provide for our family.

  3. You're most certainly allowed to vent! It's always frustrating and overwhelming when you have to do everything by yourself, whether you choose to do it or not. Sometimes it is annoying knowing you will have so much more to do when he is home, but it will all be worth it. And you never know, he might pitch in to help you, knowing you've had to do it yourself for this long.

    Good luck, Katie! I hope you have a great time with him!

  4. Ah I never got a gift, just more laundry :) Just kidding...but no I was just glad to have him home!

  5. I hear ya. The deployment seems to drag on so slowly until just a few weeks before he's supposed to get home, and then you remember your to do list! I just try to focus on one task each day, and make up for the rest on the weekend. Hang in there!

  6. Gah its creeping up aint it?! How exciting :)

  7. I can't imagine how hard it is, and how stressed and overwhelmed you feel, but best wishes that this time goes quickly and you can get to relax with M :)

  8. I don't have any advice for you, but I will say that one of the reasons I like reading your blog is because you're so honest and real. You don't try to sugarcoat everything, and your problems are relatable. Hang in there!