Monday, July 26, 2010

A Surprise Getaway

Last week I mentioned that the Hubby had a surprise getaway planned for me this past weekend. So today I thought I would fill you in on what the surprise was

Last Wednesday M said we had to go over to our friends house after work. It turns out M and his best friend D who is my best friend S's Hubby went in on the surprise together. So while the boys were locked away in the office booking the hotel S and I were busy figuring out where we were going. Her Hubby hates the ocean so we narrowed it down to a winery or some sort of spa. M knows I have been begging to go to Asheville or Wilmington for a weekend so I was sure it was on of those two places

S wasn't too convinced. According to her D is not good at planning things and his idea of nice is a motel 6. I told her it would be fine that M is amazing at planning getaways. M also knew how much we needed a getaway together since we gave up our trip to the Dominican Republic to save money and go up to his cottage in WI. Now this trip has turned into a family affair, which don't get me wrong will be fun but it def won't be the alone time the Hubby and I need after spending months apart. Especially since he leaves again in 5. So anyway I just knew it was someplace amazing that we would be going to

M was good at keeping the surprise all week. So Friday as I was packing I asked what I needed to bring to wear at dinner. He told me a dress. I showed him a cute sundress and he told me to find something fancier. To me this meant we were going somewhere romantic. I also knew the price of the hotel and it was not cheap. My suspicions of a winery were confirmed

Saturday morning at 9am S and D showed up to pick us up and it was shortly after we started the drive we were told we were going to Myrtle beach. My heart fell. Myrtle beach is fun but def not one of my favorite places to go to. But I was determined to make the best of it. At around 1130 we stopped for gas and figured out we'd be there In an hour. At this point my initial disappointment had worn odd and I couldn't wait to go to the beach. Too bad the boys didn't turn on the gps and took a wrong turn that led us two hours out of the way. S and I were beyond irritated. Plus when we asked what else the guys had planned for us they told us that they hadn't planned anything. When I asked M why I had to pack a fancy dress he told me it was to throw me off track. I could have cried. This wasn't going to be a romantic getaway

Finally at 330ish we made it to the hotel. You could tell it had been remodeled and rennovated but it wasn't worth the almost $300 price tag. After walking the boardwalk and stopping for lunch the boys wanted to find a liqueur store. Once the guys bought a bottle of vodka that was it. I knew our Alone time would be scarce

So we finally went to the beach and had a blast waveboarding, swimming and drinking. The boys quickly became drunk and it was decided to go to the pool and order a pizza instead of going out to dinner. By 930 the vodka was gone and everyone was ready to pass out. Except me that is as I hardly drank. So off the hubs and I went to our room only for him to pass out in two seconds

Yesterday morning we woke up, got breakfast and since D doesn't like the beach and since it was very hot we decided to do some shopping and grab lunch before heading home

All in all it was a fun trip although not the romantic weekend S and I had envisioned. But it was a weekend filled with good times hanging out with good friends. So I have to give the guys credit for trying. I am glad m has such a good friend in D and can just let loose and have a good time. Especially after a deployment.

But the next outing S and I will def be planning!

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  1. Oh my gosh, I'm so sorry! I would have been majorly bummed!

  2. Yikes I would not have been too happy! At least you made the most of it and had a good time, but definitely not the alone time you were hoping for :(

  3. I'm with you - it's the thought that counts. Maybe M just needs a little coaching for the future. I think sometimes men just don't put it together how much "romance" is needed in a relationship. But props to him for at least trying to do something for you. Now you just need you Tiffany's box!

  4. Oh jeez! Well, at least they tried and it sounds like you guys managed to have fun anyway.

  5. you took it better than i would have. but i agree it was nice of him to try

  6. Aww, you were in my hometown! I'm sorry you didn't get the romantic weekend, though!