Monday, August 2, 2010

Vacation has finally started

Hello everyone!

I am currently blogging from the northwoods of Wisconsin. The Hubby and I arrived at his familys cabin yesterday afternoon. His aunt and uncle are up here with us and we are having a blast. We rented wave runners and are getting ready to put on our swimsuits and hit the water!

The dogs are having a blast. Two labs who love the water = heaven for them. You can't get them out of it.

Today is a little cloudy but that isn't going to stop us from enjoying the water. Our week is going to consist of swimming, laying out, reading, and maybe doing a little shopping at some
Boutiques. And of course eating out at some of my hubbys favorite places. If I keep up the eating I'm going to be a cow when we leave. I've already gained albs this vacation. Ugh but oh well. I'm going to enjoy every minute of it and hit the gym hardcore when we return

Hope everyone is doing well. When we return I'll update y'all on my cousins wedding and include some pics!

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