Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Our Wedding

Since I'm still on a wedding high after celebrating my cousins wedding this past Saturday I decided to post my wedding story. One of my very first posts was about my wedding but since I have some more followers now I figured I'd recap my wedding

My Hubby and I were married on April 11, 2008. My husband and I met in November of 07, got engaged in January of 08, married in April and the hubs left for a 9 month deployment in May.

Since we had from January to April to plan a wedding and since we were financing it ourselves we decided to do a destination wedding. After vacationing in Key West, Florida we decided to hold the wedding there. We fell in love with the town of key west, the ambiance and the location. Still a tropical destination yet located within the states

After returning home from our trip to key west we set the date and started booking our vendors.
We had stayed at this amazing bed and breakfast which we rebooked at to stay for our wedding. Right down the street from that was an adorable flower shop called Love in Bloom which we had taken a picture of on our first night in Key West. So we booked that shop for our flowers. Everything else we found online

We invited all of our family and friends and weren't surprised when only 20 people rsvpd. Flying to key west can be very expensive not to mention that finding a place to stay adds to the cost so it ended up just being our immediate family and close friends

We got married on Smathers beach a half hour before sunset. After some pictures we headed off to the reception. We held ours at a restaurant right on the marina. We couldn't have asked for a better location and since there were 20 people plus us we were able to splurge on the dinner plates. The food there was simply amazing. Sitting outside with our family and friends surrounded by the views and sounds of the marina was exactly how I had pictured my wedding.

One added surprise was the band the restaurant had playing that day. Since we had a small group of people we didn't hire a dj or band to play during the reception. I was a little sad that the hubs and I were not going to be able to dance to our song This Years Love by David Gray or to dance with my father. However the restaurant just happened to have a live band playing that night and while they didn't play This Years Love they did play quite a few David Gray selections so the hubs and I were able to have our first dance

We stayed in Key West for about three days after the wedding and enjoyed a mini honeymoon. Just thinking about our wedding day makes me wish we could do it all over again

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  1. Awwwww soo cute!! I love weddding stories:-)

  2. Sounds wonderful! How cool to have your closest family and friends in such an intimate setting!

  3. Very sweet. Although I'm a destination bride myself, so I might be biased. ;)

  4. Sweet! I have always wanted to go to Key West!

  5. Wow! Everything came together perfectly! That sounds like it was a blast. You have me looking for flights to Key West for a mini vacay right now.