Thursday, November 7, 2013

Raising Girls

I found this awesome article on Pinterest that was originally posted on Ivillage about the 16 things you should know about raising girls. I thought I would share with you the 16 points and then compare Gianna and see how she measures up. To read the full article click HERE It is def a must read for us mommies of girls. Now onto the 16 things

1.You'll Buy Her Stuff She Doesn't Need
 The day I found out Gianna was a girl I headed straight to target to buy some girly clothes and I haven't stopped shopping for her since. I just can't resist tutu's, sparkly shoes or polka dot leggings. I must have it all for my little fashionista. She is more trendy than I am
And take this headband collection we have going. These were all bought for her before she was born. Along with the damask pattern headband holder that I had to have for her nursery. Now they are more wall art than practical since Gianna refuses to wear them in her hair. All that money on headbands. I could have bought myself  anew pair of true religion jeans instead!

This is also why starting Saturday I will be driving an hour each way to take Gianna to ballet class. I may be more excited about this than she is. But lok at that skirt and those shoes. My mommy heart is full just looking at them

2.She may be way girlier than you are
That may be the case. She is into everything girly. Princesses, my little pony, etc etc. She loves anything pink and purple and if it sparkles even better. Her new favorite thing is to put something on, twirl around and say Pretty

3. Her desire to borrow your heels, jewels, handbags and more will start as soon as she can walk and talk and grow from there
Oh yes, if Gianna gets near my closet you can bet she will drag out all that she can carry and try it all on. She lugs around my purse like it's her's and if she gets into my nailpolish bag she begs and begs to have pretty nails. And if she's in the bathroom when I'm doing my makeup she asks to wear makeup as well. I gave her a makeup brush I don't use anymore and she pretends to put makeup on her baby dolls. And I indulge it all because I can remember wanting to be just like my mom when I was a little girl. 

4. You might be a little jealous of Daddy's girl

 This child of mine is def a daddy's girl. I become chopped liver the minute he walks through the front door. And while it makes my heart melt seeing them together it also makes me a little jealous of the bond that they share. But it's ok I have my mommy's boy

5. Everything starts early
They say girls mature and develop faster than boys. So far my kids are pretty even with each other so we shall see how that changes as they get older

6. She'll strike a sexy pose
We luckily are not into the sexy pose stage yet although she def strikes a sassy pose.

So much sass in one little girl

7.Girl drama makes "The Help" seem playful in comparison
Oh yes, my 2 year old is as dramatic as they come. Eye rolling, sighing, hands on hips, you  name it she does it. Everything is a production especially when she is not getting her way. It is hysterical to watch. She could be a famous actress one day with the rate she's going

8. You'll relish the excuse to read Black Beauty. Nancy Drew and Judy Blume all over again
For Gianna's first Christmas I bought her all these beautiful hard back copies of all my childhood favorites. A little princess, Little women, Secret Garden, The Little house on the prairie. I have so many books I can't wait to read to her, and to be honest, for myself all over again. Anytime I come across a childhood favorite I buy it! Here is some of our collection

9. You'll hear her scolding her baby dolls and stuffed animals and cringe because she sounds exactly like you
Totally true. And when she scolds Ethan it is exactly how I say it. Such a little Mama

10. It'll break your heart when her chunky baby legs turn into long, lean kid legs
It seems like just yesterday when I was buying her leggings a size up because her legs and butt were so chunky they didn't fit in her current size. Now I'm buying her leggings in the next size up because she has such long skinny legs that her current size is too short. I used to joke that she got my butt all along. Now it looks like she will have her daddy's long lean legs and sorry babe, no butt!

11. She'll likely go through an I'm only wearing dresses phase
If Gianna could go naked right now that is what she would probably prefer. But when I do get her to wear clothes she does love dresses. Or dressing up. When I put her in a skirt or dress the first thing she does is twirl around in it over and over making sure the amount of twirl is too her liking

12. She'll hoard everything
We can not leave the house without all five babies and she has buckets of little toys crammed inside the,m for her to carry around the house. I find bags full of little toys scattered everywhere. yet she always seems to know where each and every toy is. Above is a picture of her at 12 months when her hoarding stage begun. We could not leave the house without Violet and Abby and taking them away resulted in a scream. Luckily she is much better about leaving her toys in the car when we go places. They just have to come along for the ride

13. You'll fight over her hair constantly
She will not let me do anything to her hair. The minute it is put in a pony tail, pig tails or a headband goes on, she runs away and takes it apart. Sigh, I have just given up. So she walks around with her hair looking like this on most days

14. She'll be the beauty standard by which you judge all her peers
I think all mom's feel their children are more beautiful than those around them. Call us biased but hey, we are mom's. Of course my kids are cuter than yours :)

15. She may be a born manipulator
That's the truth. I love when Gianna get's caught doing something naughty. She immediately rushes to me, tries to give me  a hug and tells me she loves me. Oh the teenage years with this one will be a blast

16. You'll feel a little bad for moms of all boys
I used to feel that way, but now having a boy of my own I  know how awesome little boys truly are. But if I didn't have a girl I would certainly miss out on all the frilly clothes buying and the ballet lessons. Somehow I don't think my husband would go for either of those for Ethan.

I thought this article was too cute on what's it like to raising girls. Now if only I could find a great article on getting your toddler to listen and I'd be all set!

And for you girl mom's. Anything else you would add to the list?

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