Friday, November 1, 2013

Our Halloween

The kids woke up bright and early in their festive pajamas. I turned on Monsters university to set the mood while I got to it in the kitchen and whipped up some pumpkin pancakes. (Not homemade, but a yummy mix the husband send me from trader joe's)

After breakfast we read some Halloween themed books. Ethan of course was too busy playing to listen

The kids napped while I caught up on last night's episode of American horror story. When they woke up we enjoyed some mummy dogs for lunch and played until it was time to get into our costumes!

It is impossible to get good pictures of toddlers

My shark

The lifeguards are on duty

We have a scuba diver, shark, shark attack victim.surfer, lifeguards and a mermaid


The shark and scuba diver crashed early so Gianna and I got to spend some mother daughter time trick or treating

No fear walking up to people;s houses

It was so fun walking around with Gianna. And she kept asking me if I was having fun. I love my little girl

Happy Halloween!!


  1. I love the costumes!!! :) It looks like you all had a great time. :)

  2. SUCH a fun day! You guys look great!!