Monday, November 25, 2013

Currently Loving: TV Show edition

Now that Fall is well under way, I thought I do a recap of my favorite shows this season. (When the husbands is gone, I tend to collapse in front of the tv after the kiddos go to bed and spend mindless hours watching it. I need a hobby!)

What I'm Loving

Reign. I am loving this show. I am a sucker for anything historical fiction and this show does the trick. If the show was based on a book series I'd be running out to buy it. And oh the dresses the girls wear on the show. Beautiful.

I am also loving the Witches of East end. It's fun, light and carefree entertainment. And who doesn't wish they were a witch in some way!

I am loving AHS this season. Last season I wasn't a fan but the story line is fun and spooky all at the same time. I love the mother daughter theme that this season has going on.

I have been a fan of Parenthood from day 1. I am still surprised it is not more widely watched. Every episode leaves me crying and laughing. It is so real. Although I do not like the turn the show is taking with the solider taking pills and starting fights. At first I really liked that they showed how hard it is for soliders to reintegrate into every day life after serving in the military and going through a deployment. I just really hope they don't make it negative like most shows usually do when there is a storyline with a soldier involved

This show took me by surprise. I loved the first few episodes then thought it started to lose steam. Too ma unanswered questions, too little clues and then a fizzle with one story line. But it does seem like the show is picking up again. Last weeks episode was so good. But come on, a FBI agent who specializes in profiling people hasn't figured out that Red is her dad. Or that her husband may not be who he says he is. Give me a break! I will keep watching to see what happens though

Def one of my favorites this season. It has everything a good show could want. Great chemistry with the characters, an interesting story line, a hint of magic, mystery and history. Loving it

This show is hilarious. If you are not watching it you should be!
And of course I will turn these shows on when there is nothing else to watch

I used to watch all the Real Housewives but now it's just getting old. The endless catfights, drama and petty behavior between the women gets exhausting to watch. One minute they are all friends, the next they hate each other and so on. And these women are not young. Most of them have teenaged children.  I would hate to have my children see me acting the way these women do. But still it's mindless entertainment

I still tune into Glee but I miss Finn. It's just not the same

What shows are you loving?


  1. I agree, I don't know why everyone isn't watching Parenthood! I did just get my mom hooked on it:)

  2. Is it sad that I haven't watched any of the new shows that are on?! lol.

  3. im a total gleek as well and i go in streaks... it's not the same i agree but it's coming to an end anyway :(

    we just finished up Breaking Bad last month- I am wanting to start a new show for the winter and parenthood is on my list!

    otherwise i LOVE nashville, MTV garbage (real world & challenges), American Idol- yes still and the sitcom The Middle (SO FUNNY!)

  4. We started watching The Blacklist when it premiered this fall. We are totally in love.