Friday, November 15, 2013

Introudcing Treat: The perfect card for every occasion

With a husband in the military who leaves frequently, it is my number one priority to make sure he knows how much we love and miss him at home. When he deploys I try to send him multiple care packages a month but there are many times that he is unable to get mail for months at a time. Even now, although he is only gone for a training course in the Pacific Northwest, he travels frequently and I am unable to send him little pieces of home. Some days we are unable to touch base by phone and his only way of keeping tabs on the family is through facebook, email or my blog. It is so true that he witnesses all of our kids major milestones via technology. Most of the time he is unable to log on facebook or read my blog and it's days before he sees my statuses about Ethan walking or saying his first word. I try to text or email him pictures but depending on where he is at large picture files don't download quickly and he can't access them. Days can go by before he is in touch with us.

But I'm here today to offer you the perfect solution to let your loved ones, especially those serving in the military, know how much you think of and miss them

I was contacted by Treat, a sub company of shutterfly about their site which deals specifically with greeting cards and other personalized gift items such as coffee mugs, canvas prints and iphone cases.

Now I wouldn't be sharing this with you at all unless I truly loved the products I am telling you about. And since I use shutterfly for all my prints,photo gifts, photo books and christmas cards I couldn't wait to check out the treat site.

As I said above the site specializes on photo cards. I love photo cards. They are so much more personal than regular cards. And if your like me, I am constantly forgetting to pick up cards for various birthdays and occasions and have to scramble at the last minute to go get a card and pop it in the mail. And sometimes if I know the card will arrive late, I don't even bother sending it! My husband is king of calling me the day of his mom or dad's birthday and asking me if I sent them a card. Umm no, I didn't. And the last thing I want to do is load up two kids and head to the nearest Walmart which is still 20 mins away to pick up a card. And Walmart is my only option here in town, so if I want to peruse Hallmark or Target I have to add 45 minutes to my drive. NO way! So in other words, I slack at getting cards due to the inconveincece

But enter Treat. A site dedicated to personalized cards. What could be better? This is perfect for the cards you want to make more personal, for the card you forgot to buy or send, or to send to someone just because. I love that some cards can be a photo collage. Perfect to send to out of town grandparents who don't go online and who are always begging you for pictures of the grandkids!

And my favorite is the digital cards. This will def come in handy when it comes to the hubby. If he can't receive mail a card would be no use, but a digital card that he can receive in his email can be seen in seconds! In april when he was due home from Afghanistan we knew there was a chance he could be home for our anniversary. As it got closer we found out he wouldn't make it home in time and knowing I couldn't send him a card or a package for him to receive on the actual day made me sad. We each spent our 5 year anniversary out of contact with each other besides being able to send the occasional email. If only I had thought of a digital card then. A card full of pictures of us or the kids would have def brightend up his day.

As I browsed Treat's website I loved the options

Or this hilarious card
My husband and I text this to each other all the time

They also have blank cards and non photo cards so really your options are endless. And with prices starting at 0.99 and ranging to 3.49 for the cards you are still spending less then you would have if you bought a card at the store. And you didn't have to waste the gas driving there

Now excuse me. It's my brother's birthday tomorrow and I need to go make his birthday card! 
My brother may not appreciate this sparkly bday card but I am into anything that glitters lately.

Be sure to check out Treat here

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