Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Black Friday

Years past I loved going shopping on black Friday. Let's be honest, I never turn down a chance to go shopping. Or I never used to and balck friday was no excuse. And who doesn't love a good deal. But now I'm more of a online shopper so black friday has lost some of it's luster. I also did my fair share of working on black Friday which added to my increased dislike of black friday. Getting up at 3am to head into work in order to find parking before all the shoppers took all the spots was never that exciting

I saw this and had to laugh because in a way it is so true
Some people take their black friday shopping seriously. And although people are usually out shopping for christmas gifts for their loved one's black friday shopper's can be extremely rude. I guess waiting in long lines for one item will do that to you

Maybe if the thought of taking two toddlers out shopping on the busiest day of the year didn't make me want to gouge my eyes out I would be more of a shopper. Maybe if the husband and I didn't buy things whenever we needed them I would be scouring the sales ads for that perfect gift. Or the electronic item we don't need but have to purchase because of the amazing deal. Or maybe since becoming a mom holiday's have once again more of a purpose and have become more meaningful that makes me not want to go shopping. Who knows, but while I could care less about shopping on black friday, I also don't care if people do go out and shop on black friday. Some people do make it a family affair and it becomes their own thanksgiving tradition. And who doesn't want to provide their kids everything on their wish list and getting certain items on sale allows them to do so. So be it. Happy shopping

I do however have a huge problem with stores that are staying open on thanksgiving to allow shoppers early access to the sales. I mean what is another day to wait. A day that is supposed to be about family and giving thanks for our blessings has been turned into another.

I also find it sad for the people that can't get off to spend the days with their families. I'm sure you all have differing view points about this but to me Thanksgiving is a day spent with family and friends. And that is what I plan to do on thanksgiving. Make a delicious meal, loosen up my pants and relax with those I love most

I'm sure many of you have read Matt Walsh's various blog posts that are constantly reposted on facebook or through the blogosphere but I think he captured the thought of shopping on thanksgiving the best. Click here to read his post

And sorry if I offend anyone. I know everyone feels differently about this. I also can relate to those who aren't near family and are alone on thanksgiving. Maybe going shopping that day give them something to do and makes them feel less alone. I guess we can always try and see things both ways

On friday I will be back with our Thanksgiving and My mommy daughter date recap

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