Tuesday, November 19, 2013

I won an Award

I am so excited to share with you all that I won an award. I haven't won a blog award since I first started blogging almost five years ago. This award isn't a blogging award though, it is a party award. An award for Ethan's birthday party! Woohoo! I don't consider myself very creative or that great of a party planner so I am so proud of this award

PartyPail sent me an email offering me this award for the creativity I put towards Ethan's party. I have to say, Ethan's party was my best party yet. After going all out for Gianna's 1st birthday party I knew that wasn't what I wanted for Ethan's. I have been to numerous1 year old birthday parties. Some way over the top, and some so low key and simple that some times I have to say that less is more. I mean I love a good party but at the end of the day 1 year old birthday's tend to be more for the parents than the child. Which in a way is fair, since all parent's deserve an awesome party for getting through the 1st year. But some babies aren't the type for big parties. Ethan is way more reserved than Gianna and doesn't like a big crowd. He is more comfortable at home and in smaller groups of people. A huge party with tons of activities would not have been ideal for him. For some babies they are perfect. I think part of planning the perfect party is reading your child and know what would be most fitting for their personality

I had originally planned on going all out. I spent hours cutting and cutting decorations, games and activities for the big day. And the night before I scratched it all and went simple and understated. And it was an awesome party. Everyone loved it, I was able to enjoy it and most of all Ethan had a blast. Although the husband wasn't there he even agreed that the party looked like my best yet. And partypail liked something I did since they presented me with this award.

Thanks for letting my brag about my party. If you would have know how much anxiety I had about deciding all the details about his party, such as figuring out decorations, cake, activities, food, etc, etc you would know that this award really means a lot. Thanks Partypail

And if you've never checked out Partypail's site def check it out for the nect party you are planning on throwing. They have everything from favors, to invites, to gifts, decorations and themes. Plan on spending awhile checking out their site!

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