Friday, October 4, 2013

While my Little Ones Sleep

From day Gianna was never much of a sleeper. Well unless she was being rocked or held. We co-slept with her for the first 10 months and after that she easily transitioned into a crib. However around her 2nd birthday she seemed to regress sleep wise. She screamed when she was left alone in her room. At first we thought it was the crib so we converted her bed into a full. Bought her some adorable bubble guppy bedsheets and redid her room. That didn't help. She wanted someone to be by her at all times. She slowly adjusted to sleeping on her own in her big girl bed until the husband left. Now once again she is having sleep issues. She refuses to go to bed at night unless it's on the couch with me or tucked into my bed. And on nights she does fall asleep in her own bed she is up a few hours later crawling into my bed. 

And i indulge it. Along with her sleep issues she has started talking in her sleep, having nightmares and sleepwalking. In other words she takes after me in every way regarding sleep. My poor little girl

From a young kid on I talked and walked in my sleep. I escaped from the house sleep walking, had horrible nightmares and talked crazy!And I woke up never recalling a thing. I also hate sleeping alone. I sleep my best when the husband is home or I have company visiting. On nights when the husband is gone(which is frequent) I usually sleep on the couch with the tv on. 

And to be honest I indulge Gianna's sleep habits. I get lonely at night too. Why should I make her sleep alone if I hate sleeping alone too! In fact, the other week I was reading in a parenting magazine about the different types of sleepers. Gianna and I are the social sleeper. WE both will sleep fine if someone else is in the same room with us but hating being alone at night. SO until the husband gets home I don't mind having a fellow bed mate with me. Even if she kicks, hits and sleeps sideways.

Ethan on the other hand sleeps like a champ. All I have to do at night is give him a bottle and turn on the sound machine.HE doesn't make a peep until 7:00 the next morning. If he does wake up he settles himself down all on his own 
Hopefully it stays that way. If not I will have to get a bigger bed!

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  1. I don't like sleeping alone either, thank goodness for a dog until we have kids. :)