Friday, October 25, 2013

A Bewitching Soiree

As you all know by now, I love Halloween. I had discussed the possibility of throwing a halloween party with a friend of mine but was unsure if I really wanted to go through with it due to Ethan's birthday also being this month.If I had one it was going to be a small get together. Well, this friend of mine is a super party planner. She is amazing at it! She had a friend who sold scentsy's and decided to go with my Halloween party and combine it with a scentsy one as well. So we became co-hosts for this soiree. We held the party at her house, invited all our friends and their kiddos and then come 7:00 all the kids and husbands were kicked out and we rented a scary movie. It was such a fun night. Watching all the kids run around playing and the adults getting a chance to relax and chit chat is always nice. Here are some of our party details

We kept the food simple yet fun. We had a chili and baked potato bar. I made regular chili and my friend made her chicken white bean chili. It was all so delicious.
Gianna wanted to dress up like me

The hostess and I
The food-We kept it super simple. We decided on a chili and baked potato bar. I made regular chili and she made white bean chicken chili. We had greek yogurt, sour cream, cheese, chives and bacon bits for the toppings. It was all so yummy

Our cute set up(excuse the pics, I have to use my crappy camera since I need a new sim card for my nice one)

How perfect is the wine she found

Creepy napkinds

Our desert table which I forgot to snap a picture of with all the deserts actually on it
Banner found via Pinterest  
Witch cookies my good friend made

How cute if her outfit. And her son is just the sweetest thing

One of the first girls I met when I moved to NC. Now 5 years later we've moved together, have been pregnant together and are dealing with toddlers together. I love her!

Another view of our table spread

And of these cute wine bottles. I may be more obsessed with wine than usual since I can't drink it for the next 20 days!

We ended the night watching The Conjuring. I couldn't finish it. I thought it was a haunted house movie, similar to Amityville Horror. And while it was that it also dealt with excorcisms and posession which are things I avoid in movies at all costs. My poor friend, the horror movie part of the party was my idea and i bailed on her halfway through. It also didn't help that as we got to some of the scariest scenes of the movie, my friend above in the cookie monster outfit who had left before the movie started texted me saying that they heard a baby screaming over their monitor and ran into their son's room to check on him only to find him sleeping soundly. That did me in. I packed up my bags and hightailed it home, where my dad and G were laying in the living room. Nothing like cuddling with your little girl and watching cartoons after a night of scary fun

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