Thursday, October 24, 2013

More MomFessions

I'm here today to confess to you all my mommy secrets and show that  I am far from a perfect mom. Shocker right?

- I don't mind doing dishes or laundry. What get me is the folding and putting away. When it comes to laundry I usually end up leaving clean clothes in baskets for weeks. I am content to just pick them up out of the basket when figuring out to wear each day but some things get so wrinkled that they go right back into the wash. I have also been known to leave a load of laundry sitting in my dryer for a few days which always results in me having to rewash it. Same for dishes. The drying feature on my dishwasher sucks. I usually have to take out all the dishes and lay them on towels on the counter to air dry. And it takes me forever to put them away once they are dry. Some dishes stay in the dishwasher for a few days and may get washed multiple times.Opps

This pretty much sums it up

- I am not a morning person. As a mom we all know that sleeping in is out of the cards and my kids wake me up bright and early. It takes me an hour to wake up. I usually make myself some coffee and zone out on the couch drinking my cup while the kids watch two episodes of bubble guppies. Some days I am not awake after that initial hour and I am not in the mood to make a proper breakfast. So the kids get a fruit smoothie or apple sauce pouch and drink it right in the living room where we are sitting. It's still healthy right?

- I do not keep up to date with all my kids vaccines. I believe in them and yet I don't. And since the military doesn't believe in a delayed vaccination schedule I made up my own. I make sure to space out the shots and usually wait a few months. Gianna got her 1 year shots at 15 months and I plan on doing the same for Ethan. I understand that everyone feels a certain way about this and at the end of the day you have to do what you feel is right.

- Some days I really hate playing. I am horrible at it. I can not come up with anything more creative for Gianna's barbie to say other than "Hi, Gianna how are you today? Do you want to play?" But at the end of the day I know that I need to play especially  when the kids ask me since they won't be asking me forever.

-I let Gianna sleep with me at night. She hasn't been wanting to sleep in her bed and I just don't fight her. I know I should but I don't. So she ends up either falling asleep on the couch or sleeping in my bed. I have a few years to fix her bad habits right?

- I hate parenting advice. Especially when it's not asked for. I have also learned that you should only get advice from those that have kids the same age as you or have kids older than yours and have been through the stage that you are currently in. I myself used to think I knew how to parent a toddler when Gianna was only a baby. Now I have a toddler and am clueless on most days about parenting her. And while friends with only babies may have well meaning advice for me, they truly have no clue what it's like until they are going through it themselves. So I have stopped asking for and really listening to advice!

- I used to believe in having a set routine for the kids. And while we do have a routine in place for the most part  I usually follow the kids lead when it comes to structuring our day. And some days it can def look like a free for all around here!

-I believe that playing outside is very vital to a child's development and that limiting tv time is also important. However some days a pajama and movie day is just what the soul needs!

- I am a firm believer in independent play. Kids need to learn how to play  and entertain themselves. That inspires independence and creativity. It also give this mommy a time to clean, do laundry or relax!

-Some days I really hate all the clutter and chaos the kids toys create in my house. I will spend nap time cleaning and picking it all up and then get irritated when they take everything out again when they wake. However again I know that this clutter won't always be here and one day I will want it back. I have Ethan's baby bouncer set up in front of my fireplace and wont take it down for that reason. I miss the babyhood that that bouncer represents. So it stay up a little longer

- I hold on to anything that has any sort of sentimental value. I can't rid of it. I held on to Gianna's baby clothes for the longest time. Finally I picked out my favorites, kept those and took the rest to a consignment store.My friend told me that I should get rid of some of my diaper bags( I have quite a few) but I can't. I can remember buy each and every one. The bag I bought when we first started trying for a baby. The bag I bought when we found out Gianna was  a girl. The bag I bought when we first had Ethan. I can't get rid of them just yet. So what if my closet resembles something out of an episode of hoarders. It's packed full of memories right!

That's about it for today. Tonight a friend and I are hosting a Halloween party. I will be back with plenty of fun pictures tomorrow!


  1. I really love this post...I can relate to so many of them. :) You're a great mom and Gianna and Ethan are super lucky to have you.

  2. i swear we are the same person!! NO JOKE...