Monday, October 28, 2013

Night and Day

These two kids of mine are as different as night and day. Form my pregnancies, to their newborn days and now as toddlers. It amazes me how different these two are.

Where do I begin with Gianna. From day one this girl was difficult. I was sick the first 17 weeks of my pregnancy with her. I had high blood pressure, was super close to having gestational diabetes, was considered high risk and we also had to have her screened for possible congenital heart defects. So when I found out she was a breech baby it was no surprise. And then at my 38 week appt when the Dr discovered i had no amniotic fluid and they needed to do an emergency c-section right away, I shouldn't have been so shocked. But once she was born, she became my sweet, cuddly baby girl. She slept alot, would stop crying the minute she was picked up and as long as she was being held, nursed or attended to she was fine. Of course people told me I pampered her and I would have a very needy toddler on my hands. And when they found out we co-slept I heard that even more. So imagine my surprise when my sweet little baby turned 1 and became the most strong willed, independent child I had ever met.
Any time I had to take her to the nursery or to her mom's morning out program, she would be led down that hallway without even a backward glance towards me. And when I would come to pick her up, I'd barely get a second glance.
And when it comes to playing, this girl can entertain herself for hours. Sure, she always checks to make sure i am nearby and watching, but as far as actively playing with her, she is not interested. So when she does ask me to play with her, I immediately join in.
She is my social child. Loves everyone, especially older kids. She is active, loves playing outside and loves being the center of attention. She also loves when she is the oldest kiddo in the room and bossing the babies around. Although she takes care of other babies the way she treats her baby dolls. So gentle and loving. But when it comes to Ethan, she is rough, bossy and irritable. Typical siblings I guess
She is very clear on her likes and dislikes. Does not like to sit still for very long and always needs to be moving. She bounces from activity to activity.
She is a hoarder and loves carrying around or hiding all of her toys. I've stopped trying to keep them organized. It's a losing battle.Yet she still manages to know where they are all even if they are stuffed in her clothes hamper, or hammed in her elefun toy.
She loves her baby doll and is very into her princess figurines.
She is my feisty one. Spanking, time outs, yelling at or taking away does not work with her. In fact not much discipline does. She tests me every day.
She is beyond smart. Picks things up easily and has learned all her ABC"s and colors just from playing a game on my ipad. The flash card thing does not work with her as she won't sit still long enough. Same goes to being read a book. I can only read to her if she's laying in bed and exhausted. She has to be in control of the book any other time
She prefers(since day 1) to be held or rocked to sleep and even now needs to sleep with someone. She doesn't like to sleep alone.
While she is very independent during the day she becomes very dependent at night and needs me near her at all times
She hates being on a routine and is very go with the flow.
She is loving, sweet, spirited, strong willed, funny and a joy to be around. I am so blessed to be her Mama

Then you have Ethan. My sweet baby boy. Although I was sick for the first 20 weeks with him, the last 20 were a breeze. And although he was a c-section as well it was because I scheduled it, not because he was breech.
But his newborn days. Boy were they awful. He had colic and screamed for the first 4 months. I dreaded 7pm every night. That's when his witching hour begun. And it lasted until about 3am. Nothing worked. Not gas drops, rocking, swaddling, formula,. nursing, etc. Nothing at all. My parents who thought my brother had been a horrible colicky baby said Ethan was way worse. But at 4 months he turned a corner. He became very particular.  He started falling asleep the same time every night always on his own, with his blue lovie and the music playing. No rocking or cuddling this guy to sleep. Even now he prefers to go to sleep in his own crib. I sometimes try to sneak cuddles or rock him to sleep but he won't let me. And if we go out of town or screw up his sleep routine he gets angry and let's you know it
He naps at the same time every day as well and likes being on a routine way more than his sister does
He is more sensitive than Gianna was at this age. He can be so upset one minute and then laughing his head off the next. He likes things just so and will freak out if they aren't too his liking
As independent as he is at night he is very dependent during the day. He needs me right by his side at all times and is in that frustrating stage where if fussy wants to be held, but then when held wants to be put down. Silly boy
He is def a mama's boy. I hope this lasts for a long time. When I enter a room he smiles as if he hasn't seen me in years. And if I leave him somewhere he tries to get me before I walk out the door and when I pick him up I'm usually greeted with tears in his eyes and am told he cried for me
He, like Gianna is active, funny, social and pretty happy go lucky. I think his toddler years may be easier than they are with Gianna, as even now when I say no or move him away from something he doesn't test me as much as she did and still does to this day
He loves his sister and wants to play with her at all times. Sometimes she even trumps my arrival into a room. He likes being around other kids but also likes to spend time on his own
He wakes up each morning quietly and will play by himself for a while before calling out.
He also likes being put in his crib and given alone time half way during the day. It's as if he needs a time out from everyone and everything
Where Gianna jumps right into a situation, Ethan sits back, takes it all in and tries to figure it all out
He is my silly, goofy, cuddly and sweet Mama's boy
He communicates now by growling and even has different types of growls to communicate what he wants or needs
He is such a joy to be around and I am loving watching him grow. I love having a son and it is true what they say, a bond between a mother and son is indescribable. ( I am dreading when he gets married and he is not my mama's boy anymore!)

As different as they are, there are some similarities. They obviously look very similar, love being outside, are total water babies and are already conspiring and scheming together as true siblings do. My heart is so full being their mom

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