Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Leaving babyhood behind

In a few days my baby boy will be one. Where has the past year gone? During those first four months of colic I remember looking forward to the end of the baby stage. To getting more sleep, to having more time to spend with Gianna and to watch my little man grow and develop and become more independent. And now that we are at that I would love to go back in time and do it all over again
Today as I picked up Ethan's smash cake for his one year pics I realized that my baby is no longer a baby. In a few short days I will officially be out of the baby stage. And while that was sad when Gianna turned one, I knew I had another baby on the way. This time there is no baby in my belly, no decorating a nursery, shopping for newborn clothes or stocking up the diaper caddy with sweet little newborn diapers.
Today as I washed every last pacifier and tucked them in a drawer, as I folded and put away countless  burp cloths, swaddle blankets and baby bottles I realized just how fast my kids are growing up
How I wish I could have a few more months of the baby stage
Ethan you are becoming such a big boy. You are officially off formula and are only drinking milk. You are well on your way to walking, you no longer want to use your bouncer which you loved only a few short months ago and you are becoming more and more independent. You like to go to sleep on your own and when I try to steal a few snuggles and cuddles before putting you down you kick and resist. You are no longer my little baby but are fast on your way to becoming a boy. Some times when you sleep I can still see that sweet baby face and when you get mad and frustrated at your toys your cry can resemble that newborn wail. But for the most part I see less and less baby and more boy each day
You are such a funny boy. You make these growling sounds to communicate and it is hilarious. You love when people sing to you, or clap when you do something really exciting. You get so proud of yourself every time you walk around the house or push a toy further and further across the room
You are pretty mellow, except when teething and you are def a mommy's boy. 
Your smile still melts my heart and warms an entire room.
You are perfect in each and every way.
I look forward to watching you grow and I can't wait to see more and more of your personality emerge
I wander if you will be as independent and strong willed as your sister, or laid back and easy going. Or maybe sensitive and quiet. 
I daydream about the movies you will like, and the toys you will want to play together. I cant wait to spend hours building with legos, or racing cars around the house and reading to you books on trains and automobiles
So as sad as it is to say that my baby is going to be one soon, I look forward to what this next year bring! Though I will probably be shedding a lot of tears these next few weeks
 I love you my sweet boy

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