Monday, October 21, 2013

Pirate Cruise

Ethan clearly suffers from second child syndrome. When it came to figuring out what to get him for his 1st bday I kept drawing blanks. A pushing toy, we have 5. A ride about toy, we have 2. A radio flyer wagon. Check. A kitchen. Done. A canvas teepee. Purchased for Gianna's bday. And I didn't want to waste my money on a lot of baby toys since i have bins full and in a few months he will be over them. So I decided to get him a few small things and  take him somewhere fun for his birthday. I came up with a pirate cruise down In Destin. My parents would be here to come  with us and I thought it sounded like a blast.

And it was! It was so much fun. Ethan actually slept through the majority of the cruise but Gianna had a blast and it will be something we can always look back on. My only wish was that the husband had been home to join us for the cruise

I can't wait to take them back on the cruise when Ethan is a little older and able to participate in all the kid friendly activities. And friends if you are ever in the Destin area and are looking for a fun thing to do with your kiddos def check out the Buccaneer Pirate cruise down at Harborwalk. So worth it!


  1. How fun! :) I love that you did this.

  2. That looks like so much fun! My boys would love it!