Monday, October 31, 2011

Halloween Weekend Recap

Gianna and I had a very busy weekend

Since the my hubby's whole team is gone for training I decided to have all the wives and kiddo's over for a little Halloween party. 11 kids in my house. Yikes but it turned out to be a great time. All the kids came dressed up in their costume's and we had them decorate sugar cookies, play games and watch Halloween themed movies. They had a blast. The adult's all had a great time as well. Until my friend's 2 year old had a seizure. One minute she was playing hide and seek with the other kid's the next minute she was laying on her mom's nap and her face turned white and her lips turned blue. She was completely unresponsive. Luckily I live a block behind the hospital here in town. Turns out she had a upper respiratory infection and a 103 degree fever which caused a febrile seizure. My friend had no idea her lil one was sick it came on that fast. I'm just glad she's ok

Despite that little mishap everyone had a great time. It was 11:00 before anyone even started thinking about leaving!
Here's a pic of lovebug dressed up in her ladybug pj's for the party

Saturday-We got up bright and early and headed into Destin. Barnes and Nobles had a special Halloween themed Story time where they read Goodnight Goon and the 13 Days of Halloween. I went with my friend and her two little ones and the kids had a blast.

After Barnes and Nobles we did a little shopping before heading back home and changing into our costumes. Our town had a little fall festival where all the shops passed out candy to the kids and had little booths set up with games for the kiddo's.It was so much fun
Mama Bug and Baby Bug

My friend's daughter went as a bee so she dressed up as well!

Today is trick or treating around here. I plan on dressing up Gianna in her costume again and passing out candy. The hubs got home late last night and although he leaves again tonight I'm so glad he is able to be back and celebrate Gianna's first Halloween. I'll be back tomm with pics but before I go Gianna wanted to wish everyone a Happy Halloween


  1. So fun! Love the ladybug costume :)

  2. I LOVE your matching costumes!!! Such a cute idea! Looks like yall had a fun weekend! Thanks for the encouraging words on my blog. Some people just don't realize that not all babies are hard and not all kids are bad I guess. Although not always easy, They definitely have changed our lives for the better!

  3. She looks just like you in that first ladybug pic! Too cute!