Tuesday, October 4, 2011

What's with all the big words?

A few weeks ago I showed y'all the huge stack of books on my nightstand. I have not made any progress and have added even more books to the list. Most of them are parenting books and I swear I feel like I'm back in college reading some of them!

I understand that most of these books are written by people who have phd's and who are considered experts in their chosen field but give me a break. What's with all the big words? I mean I'm college educated and all, one who loved English class and one who will read anything but geez if I wanted to read a textbook I would buy one!

Don't the authors realize that most of the time the ones who are reading their books are mommies during their 3am feeding or women who try to read during their kiddos nap time. Women who are so exhausted themselves that they should be napping too. Ok so that might not represent all you ninnies out there but it represents me.

I picked up to parenting books The Baby Bond and Einstein never used flashcards and I felt like I was reading my applied behavioral analysis textbook. It was so dry after a few pages each I put them both down and did what I should have been doing. Napped!

If all the books are like this the books on my nightstand will take years to read! Now I'm not saying the books are bad. They had some good info. I just may have to revisit them when I have more than a half hour break during my day. I just wish they would make these books more mama friendly. I know the scientific evidence they use and the case studies in those books are used to prove their viewpoints but liven it up a little! This mama is tired and wants a good, interesting read. Not a book where I feel the need to pull out my highlighter and take notes!
End rant

Hope everyone is having a great week so far

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  1. LOL! I've been through this! It makes me feel better to hear someone else say that. I would think, "i'm just not smart enough for this book" and quit reading it. Have you read The Mission of Motherhood? I loved it and while it wasn't a super quick story like read, I was able to follow and get so much out of it. I like the duggars books too, but more so for help with my older kids and toddlers.