Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Gianna's first trip to the Beach

Now that we live in Florida we decided we should take Gianna to the beach early on since she will be our little beach bunny. Well we hope so anyway. Here are some pics from our first time to the beach

Gianna loves being outside and didn't seem to mind the water! When we first arrived at the beach however we noticed everyone standing at the outskirts of the water and no one was in it. Why was that you may ask. Oh yes there was a clearly visible shark swimming in the water. Let's just say we didn't go in past our calf muscles. But we had a great first time at the beach. I'm hoping we can squeeze in one more beach day as the weather here is still in the 80's. If not I know we will be there every weekend next summer!


  1. awe, i love this! i wish we lived by the beach/ocean! and you look awesome in your bikini! yahoo!

  2. what a sweet family!! love all the pics... and love her cute little suit.

    can you imagine her next year at the beach?! ahhhh running around!!