Thursday, October 27, 2011


The first weekend of October the hubs and I started decorating for Halloween. After we finished the inside of the house we went and started on the outside. As we were hanging stuff up I noticed our neighbor's decorating their yard also. I commented on how we were decorating for Halloween too. She stopped and said Oh we aren't decorating for Halloween. We are decorating for Fall. Then she walked over, looked at my stuff and said you won't see many people decorate for Halloween here. This is the bible belt and it's very Christian.

Hmm, I didn't know my pumpkins and Happy Halloween sign were un-Christian. Before I continue with my post I should say that having been raised a Christian and attending a Christian school for both grade school and high school I personally have some friends that don't believe in Halloween and celebrate it. And that's fine. I persoanlly am a Christian who loves Halloween and I don't like it being implied that since I decorate for Halloween I'm not a Christian.

Instead of saying anything, bringing up the fact that one block over from us everyone had their houses decorated or commenting about how every church here in town has their own pumpkin patch I instead her Fall flag and scarecrow were cute and kept hanging up my decorations. I did however ask when trick or treating was

Again I got the we don't believe in trick or treating. We pull both cars in the garage, turn off all the lights and pretend we are not home. Ok scrooge! I will be on my front porch dressed as a ladybug with Gianna and passing out candy

I was telling my friend about this a few days later since she called and asked if I knew when trick or treating was. She ended up stopping by the house and said that she thought I told her my neighbor's didn't decorate for Halloween. I said no, they didn't. She then told me to look at the flag in their yard. My neighbor had changed it from a fall one to a trick or treat one. I was curious as to why but didn't say anything

The trick or treat flag hung there until this past Friday when I noticed it was taken down. I found out from the hubs who had talked to her hubby that day that his wife made him take it down because she didn't want it hanging up. So weird

Then Saturday they invited us over for dinner. We accepted and when we went over there I noticed the whole inside of the house was decorated for Halloween. Witches hat, black cats, pumpkins everywhere. I don't get it. I commented on how cute their decorations were wanting to see what they said. All she said was that she loved Halloween decorations. I again brought up trick or treat and got the same answer about how they won't be passing out candy. I left it alone while laughing to myself and on the way home noticed the trick or treat sign was back up. The whole situation I find amusing and just had to share with ya'll. Some people I tell you. I don't know why she made such a big deal about my decorations when her whole house is decorated to a T.

Here is a pic of our house decorated for Halloween

Gianna at one of the church's pumpkin patches

Our Little Pumpkin


  1. People are crazy. She probably doesn't want other people to know she likes Halloween because of her "image". Crazy. lol

  2. WOW- I was raised in the South in good old TN we always decorated & celebrated! My little country town was where they based the Beverly Hillbillies from-LOL so I know about the Bible Belt. None of my neighbors ever acted like that at all. but you better believe they did "prep" us so to speak at church how it was just a fun holiday for candy & nothing more! Love your decorations- have fun!

  3. wow just wow. just because you like halloween doesnt mean you arent christain! its about giving people a good scare in my book and there is NOTHING wrong with passing out candy. sooo strange!!! gianna is beautiful : )

  4. I grew up trick-or-treating and dressing up for Halloween, but we've decided that we aren't going to do that with our kids. Not necessarily because it's inherently un-Christian, but because we feel that going door to door (which Celts once did), dressing in scary costumes and putting out carved pumpkins (used to ward off evil spirits) allude too much to pagan traditions. And how do you explain that Halloween is traditionally pagan while raising your child to love God? It's not that it's necessarily WRONG but we feel that any allusion to those traditions give people the wrong idea. I have no problem with dressing up for some sort of costume party or fall festival like churches hold as an alternative to Halloween. But that's our take on it and we know that people will always celebrate Halloween and we don't feel the need to tell people not to celebrate it. We just prefer not to.

  5. Some people are just stuck in their ways and can't let others know the truth!