Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Fall

This past Sunday Gianna was scheduled to have her 3 month photo's and we had planned to also have some family pics taken

While the hubs watched Gianna that morning I hopped in the shower. It was so nice to take a long, hot shower instead of the quick two minute one's I take on days he is not home. I was able to shave, moisturize and actually paint my nails without having to rush and make sure the baby was ok. I took my time getting ready, fully applied my make up, did my hair for once and thought Wowo you haven't looked this good in a long time.

Does it come to any shock to y'all that the photographer canceled due to being sick. Since I was all ready and was having a great hair day I had the hubs take some pics of us outside. Here is our mini photo session

The photographer did reschedule for a weekend in November so Gianna's 3 month pics will be more like her 4 month pics


  1. these are adorable!!! And don't you love the days where you get to do all the good stuff to your body! It only gets harder the older they get because they want to do everything you do with you. My little Kaylee won't let me shower without her so she hops in with me haha. Everything else well she wants make up and hair ties and bracelets too!! It's fun but not relaxing that's for sure! haha

  2. love them! good for you for still doing them even though the photographer couldnt

  3. I love the one with the sunglasses - cute!

    Long showers when you have kids are priceless! Mine are 7 and 5 and I never get to take one without someone walking in on me! :)