Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seriously Thursday!

It has been awhile since I've participated in a Seriously Thursday and I had to get back in the fun. Head here to visit one of my favorite blogger's and join in the fun

1. Seriously- I found that with a new baby in the house blogging has been pushed aside.It has helped to schedule my posts in advance so A few weeks ago I wrote my Seriously Thursday post the night before and scheduled it to post the following morning. When I woke up I jumped to Mrs. Mama's blog to read all the entries. Only to find out that she hadn't written a seriously Thursday post that week. I deleted my post and went about my day. It wasn't until later that I realized that it was a Friday and not a Thursday. Blogger fail! I blame it on my Mama brain. Seriously

2. Seriously- Did anyone watch Kim's fairy tale wedding? Poor Chris. Was it just me or did those two appear really dysfunctional? I know wedding planning is stressful but something just seemed off with those two. Maybe that's just me

3. Seriously- The only store here in town is a Walmart. If I want to go anywhere else I have to drive to Fort Walton or Destin which is about a 30-60 min drive depending on traffic. It never fails every time I pack Gianna up and drive to one of those places I am always met with a stinky baby. After pulling her out of her carset I discover that during the drive she had an explosive poop that has somehow ended up soaking through her outfits and getting on everything. And sometimes this Mama forgets a change of clothes. So this means I end up buying Gianna a brand new outfit every time we go out somewhere. I've come to realize that my little mini me is doing this on purpose to get a new outfit. Apparently I have a future shopaholic on my hands. I need to start saving money now!

4. Seriously- I am going to my first Mom's of Preschooler's meeting tomorrow. A friend told me about it and I thought I'd check it out. Kind of nervous to go but we shall see how it is

5. Seriously- When decorating outside for Halloween my neighbor's came outside and explained that most people in our neighborhood don't decorate because they are christians. I guess my black tulle wreath means I am not a christian! I commented about how I loved Halloween and asked when trick or treating was. They said it's always on Halloween night and they would be pulling their cars in their garage and turning off the lights in their house and pretending their not home. Seriously. Some people. I think just for fun Gianna and I should go over there and keep ringing their door bell!

6. Seriously- I can't wait for the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion show. I predict a lot of drama. I used to love Teresa but she is getting on my nerves lately. She is so catty and puts everyone down all the time. No wander everyone is turning against her!

That's it for now! Happy Thursday everyone


  1. So I totally haven't watched the wedding yet, but I am dying to see it! I keep hearing all sorts of stuff about it through twitter and blogger though.

    I CANNOT wait for the reunion either... oh Theresa is just in big big trouble.

  2. Destin... we are going to a wedding there in April! any suggestions on where we should stay and or when to book! as of right now, I checked one hotel for a week, mid-april and it was $1400/person! yicks!

  3. I saw the wedding... and I agree... the whole time I was thinking, oh no these 2 aren't gonna make it. Sad.

  4. Oh, I posted that before I finished reading... sorta jumped the gun, sorry. I'm a member of MOPS! You'll love it. It's such an awesome support.

  5. Ugh. Kim K. Not a fan of that whole wedding fiasco! We'll see how long that one lasts:-) xoxo