Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Go the F*** to Sleep

When Gianna turned two months we finally had some sort of bedtime routine established. She usually fell asleep around 8:30/9 woke up around 1:30 or 2 and then woke up every 2 hours after that. I noticed that when she woke up after her 2am feeding it was only to comfort suck. At her dr's appt I mentioned this to the Dr and he said this was normal and not to worry about it. That it was to early to get her on a schedule and on some sort of routine and trying to do so would only make me more tired in the end. He said she would figure it out on her own

Then on Wednesday of this week I woke up suddenly at 4am. I wasn't sure what had woken me up. Then I realized that nothing had woken me up. No baby was crying! I immediately thought something was wrong. It was 7 hours after Gianna had gone to bed and she hadn't stirred. I was terrified she had stopped breathing. I looked over and placed my hand on Gianna's chest and sure enough she was still breathing. I breathed a sigh of relief and wasn't surprised that my freaking out had woken up gianna. I fed her and she went back to bed. At 6 am she was wide awake! The next day the same thing. The extra sleep was heaven! We will have to work on the 6am wake up call but hey you win some you lose some

I was so excited that she had started sleeping through the night that I called everyone to tell them about it. I had spoken too soon. Fri and saturday my happy baby has been replaced by a crabby,fussy baby. She screams when not being held, refuses a pacifier and wants to be attached to me 24/7. At night she is back up every 2 hours. I feel like we are back to the newborn days all over again!

I have noticed that she is drooling alot and is sucking on her hands at every free moment. Mommies is this a sign of teething? I've looked in her mouth and haven't seen any white teeth poking through. Not sure if this is just a stage she is going through or if this means teething is starting.

I just feel so helpless when she gets fussy like this. And isn't it amazing how guys can sleep through all this. It takes every ounce of restraint not to beat him with my pillow as he slumber peacefully in bed and then has the nerve to tell me that every time he woke up I was sleeping and didn't know why I was so tired


  1. Ha! My husband sleeps through everything too. Jade could be screaming next to him, and sometimes I think he'll sleep right through it.

    It sounds like maybe she is having her 3-month growth spurt. That's how Jade has acted through most of hers -fussy, HUNGRY, and eating more frequently. After that, they usually sleep better too. That's my guess!

    Jade has been drooling too and is currently very interested in eating her hands. :) I think that's just a normal thing for their age. But teething can't be far down the road!

  2. hands in the mouth and drool- could be teeth all babies are different but she sounds like she is at the age where she is starting to explore and discover with her mouth- which means EVERYTHING goes in the mouth and all the drool- is due to the fact that babies can't yet swallow their saliva like adults can, so that is why they make drool bubbles and the drool runs down their face all day long! haha