Monday, October 10, 2011

Best Brother Ever

As I have stated many times in my blog I am addicted to reality tv. Something which will end come tomorrow when I downgrade our cable package to basic cable. I have decided we spend way to much time zoned out in front of the tv and I'm over paying a crazy cable bill each month so I am cutting down on our cable

That being said I blame my parent's on my tv addiction. Growing up we weren't allowed to have cable. To this day they still don't have cable. My dad hooked up one of those converter boxes to his nice flat screen tv in order to get the regular channels.(My dad is el cheapo) I can remember as a teenager rushing to my friend's houses and watching MTV and entering college where girl's nights watching Laguna Beach or the Hills became the norm. Then when I moved out of my parent's house senior year of college thr first thing I did was get cable. It was heaven and my love for even more reality tv began. My absolute favorite show was the Girls Next Door. I loved it. My roommates and I would sit and watch it every time it was on. Kendra was my absolute favorite.

So last year when her book came out I rushed to get it. It was a decent read. She ha def had a hard life. A few weeks ago I found out she was coming out with another book, discussing her life as a mom and her experience with postpartum depression. I ordered it from amazon and couldn't wait to read it. Then while on Twitter I saw she would be having a book signing in Chicago Il. I planned to go. Until I remembered that I didn't live in Milwaukee, WI anymore and a drive to Chicago from Florida would take a long time! So I called up my brother and begged him to go for me. He agreed and dragged his girlfriend along with him.

What a fiasco it turned out to be. On her website it said she would be at the Macy's in Chicago and didn't list an address. Well there are two Macy's within a 5 minute distance from each other and they went to the wrong one first. Then they get there only to find out you could only purchase her book from Macy's. They had picked one up from Barnes and Nobles to get signed. SO my brother spent 30 bucks on a book that he already had purchased. Then no pictures were allowed since they were filming the reality show as well. The whole time I kept receiving text messages from my brother, You owe me big time. Never again! Opps, now I felt really bad. When they actually made it up to the front of the line to get their book signed however my brother's story changed. Both him and his girlfriend said she was so nice and she told my brother's girlfriend that her outfit was super cute and that she needed to learn how to dress cute like her! I'm glad she turned out to be really nice and friendly!

My brother still has to send me my signed book. I can't wait to read it. And thanks again to the best brother in the world for doing me such a huge favor!

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