Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Udder Covers and Baby Slings

Those that know me know that I've never been one to coupon, price compare or wait until something goes on sale before purchasing. If I wanted something I bought it. However since getting pregnant and now with the move and baby coming before we know it I've really been trying to cut back on our costs. I started price comparing brands at the grocery store or buying the store brand vs brand name items. And I now refuse to buy anything that's not on sale.

The hubs and I ran to the mall yesterday in Destin and didn't buy a thing. We joked that in the past I would not have blinked an eye by going to the Coach store and buying myself a purse. And while we laughed at that we both agree that with a list off baby items needing to be purchased and tons of stuff needed for the new house, shopping trips will be few and far between

When we arrived at our house we found out that there were quite a bit of repairs to be done. The seller's refused to do them even though our contract said it was their responsibility and our loan company refuses to release the money until the repairs are complete. So we bit the bullet and said we would take care of the repairs themselves. The repairs consist of new carpet in one bedroom, a new lock for the gate and a stump that needed to be removed. Easily fixable but things we would have preferred to have taken care of at a later date. Instead they all need to be done by the end of this week. So I'd rather spend money on the house and baby rather than myself.

Just last night the hubs and I were going over our list of baby items needing to be purchased. Then that led into the topic of breastfeeding and I mentioned that I one thing I still needed to purchase was an udder cover.

Today while reading one of the blogs off my google reader I came across a girl that posted about receiving a free udder cover from I entered the promo code Mother and only paid shipping and handling for the udder cover. Def check this website out. The cover's are super cute and trendy.

Then after purchasing the udder cover I received a promo code for their other company. Seven Everyday Slings. I went there and purchase this adorable baby sling, another item on my baby list

And again I only paid shipping and handling. So check out this website as well. Such a great deal!

My final purchase of the day was a comforter set from Kohls. The hubs and I shopped all over yesterday for a new comforter set for our bedroom. Kohl's had a huge sale online and I purchased one for less than a hundred bucks. It pay's to save their coupons that get sent in the mail. One coupon knocked off 30 bucks my total after the set was already 100.00 bucks off. Score

I'm so proud of myself for my frugal shopping today. Can't wait to get these items in the mail

And tomorrow I promise I will post lovebug's name. I didn't get around to it today!


  1. I've been looking at those slings and am thinking of getting one myself! You'll have to let us know how you like it when it comes in the mail :)

  2. I have that sling and Udder cover as well and love them!!! Glad you got them!

  3. Any time I shop online, I search It's a great place to find coupon codes when you don't have a coupon!

  4. I love this! Will you send me the codes? I want to get them too! :)

  5. I absolutely love my sling. My daughter is 13months and it's so much easier and lighter than my Moby Wrap.

  6. yay so glad you got some great deals!!!

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