Thursday, May 19, 2011


One of my favorite bloggers who write over at From Mrs. to Mama is hosting a link up today and I just had to participate. There were many things that happened this week that made me go Seriously! So if you want to join in the fun click

1. Seriously... I got called an idiot at target today. Mom and I were in the breast pump aisle deciding on which one to choose. I had the cart over on one side of the aisle and we were standing to the side of it. There was plenty of room for another cart to get past us. Some woman pushes her cart over to the end of the asile and I thought started talking to the two kids in the cart. Nope she was talking me to and asking what moron blocks the aisle. Then she walked away and entered the aisle from the opposite direction, calling me an idiot before walking away. I just laughed. We were in no way blocking the aisle, she wanted the nursery water which was down the opposite end of the breast pumps, so again we were not in her way. And hasn't anyone heard of a simple excuse me. Some people. Seriously

2. Seriously...What is it about funeral's and deaths in families that bring about family feuds. My mom and her sister have never gotten along. Even as kids. My aunt designated herself in charge of the photo board at my grandma's funeral. I emailed her all the pics I had with my grandma and my mom gave her a huge stack of pics. Mom wasn't on the photo board at all, and my brother and I were in one pic. The rest were of her family. It's not like my family never did anything with my grandma or that we lived far away. On the contrary Mom was always over at grandma's cleaning or running errands for her and we still celebrated every family holiday together. What is even funnier is that my aunt seems to think that everything worth possessing of my grandma's belongs to her and my cousin. For example I have always loved these pictures my grandma had in her living room. From a kid on I loved them. Grandma always said they would be mine some day. She even told my aunt that. Well my aunt says I can have the pictures but she wants the frames they are in. The pictures look cool because of the frame. They are gold, vintage frames and the pictures are matted to them. So apparently I'll get ruined pictures once my aunt rips them from the frame. Seriously

3. Seriously... I love being a homeowner but it really drains the bank account! WE have spent money on nothing other than paint, paint supplies, groceries and household necessities this past week. Seriously! Although I wouldn't have it any other way. I love our home!

4. Seriously... I bought these super cute decals for Gianna's room and now the hubs says I can't hang them because they would ruin his paint job. Ugh

5. Seriously...I can't believe we have 2.5 more months until Gianna makes an appearance. The time is flying by.

That's pretty much all I can think of right now. So be sure to head on over to From Mrs. to Mama and link up!


  1. 1. I absolutely cannot believe this happened to you. Some people in this world are just plain rude and inconsiderate.

    2. So sorry to hear this is happening to your family.

    3. Ditto.

    4. Andrew said the same thing to me once... and I did it when he was gone anyway. Perks of being prego :)

    5. 2.5 months! man... time sure is flying!! i cant wait to meet the little princess!!!

    thanks for playing along, loved reading all your seriouslys (not a word i know haha)

  2. Been following your blog for a little while now :) I also did the seriously post!

    I cant believe how rude some people can be! It's crazy to me how some people react at stores! What ever happened to good ole' Excuse me? I still use it! ugh.

    p.s. LOVE your daughters name! so precious!

  3. we are currently in a rental property with bad paint. I have decals on all the walls. I have taken them off and re arranged and never had a issue

  4. OMG being a homeowner is pricey LOL I cringe evyer year at income tax time for something big always breaks LOL...

    OK so some people are so rude..your great that you didn't respond to it I don't either I just think to myself what in the world LOL

    YOur daughter's name is precious and I can't believe you are almost there!!


  5. Wow I can't believe she called you an idiot, what a rude person!

    I know what you mean about dealing with difficult family members, death always makes the crazies even crazier! Hang in there!

  6. I know what you mean about people not saying excuse me and instead try to shove their way into an aisle. This happens ALL THE TIME when I go food shopping.