Saturday, May 14, 2011

Summer Essentials!

The hubs and I are off to the beach tomm and I realize I'm in the need for the perfect beach tote. I love this bag from J Crew

Unfortunately after spending all morning searching online for it I still can't find it anywhere! There is no J Crew here in town so if anyone knows where I can get one of these bags, let me know!!

Anyway my usual summer essentials include

The perfect Maxi dress.. Especially now being 7 months pregnant. So comfortable

The perfect pair of sunglasses.
Last year I purchased my first pair of Ray Bans. I love love them!

Of course to hit up the beach you need the perfect swimsuit. I usually hit up Victoria Secrets for mine. They have so many prints, colors and styles to choose from

If I wasn't 7 months pregnant I'd be rocking a suit like this. However I purchased a plain suit from target in a size I never thought I'd wear. But oh well. Come tomm I will be proudly displaying my bump on the beach!

And of course a great pair of flip flops. I love my rainbows! So comfortable. But when I go out at night I love to put on a pair of wedge sandals

And I love these strappy gladiator sandals but since my legs are really short they don't look so cute on me.

What are some of your favorite summer essentials? And remember if anyone knows where I can find that J Crew tote let me know!!!


  1. There is a JCrew in Destin out the outlet mall!

  2. Megan beat me to it.

    JCrew Outlet is at the SanDestin outlet mall. Take 98 and go West :)