Thursday, May 26, 2011

Seriously Thursday

I am so excited to participate in another Seriously Thursday! Last week's was so much fun! So head on over to From Mrs to Mama and link up.

1. Seriously...Have any of you been following the Casey Anthony trial? I think that girl is a awful human being. Her latest stunt, blaming her dad and brother for sexually abusing her and then saying that that was why she didn't come forward about her daughter's disappearance or death, is insane. And if her daughter drowned in the pool why did she need to be duck taped. I wander how the defense is going to prove the sexual assault since she never came forward with it. It's just going to be her against her dad. They won't have any evidence to really back up the claims unless someone comes forward providing some sort of proof. What I think is sad is that the night Kaley supposedly drowned in the swimming pool, there is a video of Casey and her boyfriend at blockbuster. He even said she seemed happy and in a good mood. No remorse shown whatsoever. Seriously

2. Seriously...Could Kate Middleton be getting any skinnier. I saw the pics of her greeting the Obama's and holy cow, she seems to have shrunk since the wedding. She is such a gorgeous girl I only hope she doesn't get any thinner!

3. Seriously... Why does certain baby things have to be so expensive! The only thing left on my baby list is a baby carrier. And this is one thing the hubs really wants! We had registered for the Baby Bjorn but I hear the Ergo baby carrier's are better. I can't decide which one to get. Seriously!

4. Seriously... We have been living in Florida for three weeks now! Where has that time gone. We only have one more room left to paint, the nursery is pretty much complete and our new furniture is in. I just can't believe we are officially florida residents

5. Seriously... The mobile I purchased for Lovebug's room doesn't fit on the crib. And wouldn't you know it, the nearest Babies r us is in Alabama. I don't really feel like making a 3 hour drive just to exchange her mobile. Seriously

6. Seriously...I'm getting my hair did today. Via box dye by Feria. I've been trying to get back to my natural color but every time I get it done it's way off from what I asked for. I even always bring in pictures. So today I'm going to dye it back to my natural brown color. I found a shade that appeared close so let's hope it turns out

7. Seriously... Could the housewives of OC be any crazier. I mean these are women in there 30's and 40's. They act even cattier than I did back in high school. Vicki and Tamara are def the mean girls. I would be so embarassed if Tamara was my mom. The way she acts on tv is awful. Seriously

8.Seriously...I am so excited for the start of So You Think you Can Dance. I love that show. And it starts tonight! Woohoo

Alright I guess that's all. I am off to box dye my hair! Hope it turns out


  1. 1. I could write a whole post on this... actually I just may sometime.... there are no words for this woman. Total disgust for her.
    2. I said the exact same thing..she's going too far.
    3. Sigh. Dollar signs=baby items. I don't have either of those... but have actually thought of investing in one (6 months in lol).
    4. I might just have to go to Florida for my family vacay and come see you! :)
    5. OMG it's that far away?! Any way to ship it?
    6. Haha I did the same thing... post pics please!
    7. Oh I love me the housewives... A LOT!
    8. Me too! More DVR :)

    p.s. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the color you picked for the nursery... I can't wait to see the final result! I'm sure it will be fabulous.... and love you rockin the bikini! So jealous you got to go to the beach though :(

    have a great weekend mama!

  2. tamra would embarrass me as a mom.. but i think i might be a mean girl and i love her! (not as my mom lol) gretchen is the one who gets under my skin! can you stand her laugh?! haha nice visiting you.. i came from seriously thursdays :)

  3. Stopping by from "seriously..."

    Your blog is super cute and I totally hear you on how expensive baby things are - its ridic!!! Thats so awesome though that you nursery is practically done!!!

    Hope you're having a great week:)