Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Baby Monitors-Video,Sound and SIDS

Mom is in town and we are off tomorrow to pick up the rest of the baby gear. Thanks ladies for all your awesome suggestions! Y'all are the best! And I have another question for everyone.WE received some baby monitor's from our shower. The regular sound monitor's we had registered for. However I was also looking to purchase another monitor and cant decide what to get. I've heard great things about the angel care monitor's which are the movement and sound monitor's. They also carry the video, sound and movement monitor in that brand but I can't find that anywhere to purchase. I heard the snuza's are great too but I can't decide if I should get just a movement monitor or a video monitor or an all in one. I've also heard that other people can hack into the video monitor and watch your baby.

Any thoughts or suggestions?


  1. I have a Summer video monitor and LOVE it! We didn't get it until my daughter was a few months old and don't know how we lived without it. I heard they can only be hacked into if someone basically is standing in your house with their receiver, so we've never been worried.

  2. Baby monitors are a great gift for new parents that will never go out of style. Once you arrive home with your newborn baby the chances of you getting up in the middle of the night to make sure your baby is sound asleep are quite high. Now monitor your baby 24x7 with Angelcare Monitor