Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Florida Residents

We have officially been in Florida for a week. Our days have been spent unpacking, painting or running errands and at least one trip to Lowe's per day. So far the house is coming along nicely. We have the guest bedroom and master bathroom painted. We have been sleeping in the room that will become the nursery and the hubs is going to paint the master bedroom today. Then the next room will be the nursery. I can't wait to finally have her room all set up and ready to go!

The hubs is on leave until the middle of June and I am enjoying having him all to myself. It's so nice to not have either one of us going to work every day and coming home late and hardly having any time together. So even though we have been extremely busy every day it has been fun doing every day things together

This friday we will be taking a day off and going to Destin and spending the day at the beach. I have been craving seafood ever since we arrived down here and can't wait to check out the restaurants in town.

I am def loving it down here in Florida although it's not exactly how I imagined it. As a kid my family always vacationed in Florida. Our favorite destination spot was Sanibel Island. It was such a beautiful location, white sandy beaches, palm trees everywhere and quaint little boutiques and shops. So when I found out we were moving to Florida this is what I imagined.

When I came down here in March to find a house, I was shocked. Driving on base there were countless bear and deer crossing signs. I felt like I was in northern Wisconsin rather than Florida! The town is very small and a lot different from what I am used to but I love it actually. To get to a mall,target or barnes and nobles I have to drive to Fort Walton Beach or Destin. The only big stores here are Lowe's and Walmart. Yesterday we had to go to the local tractor supply shop for the dog's food!

I def don't miss the insanity that was Fayetteville. Everyone here is friendly and our neighbors are awesome. I am def getting used to this slower paced,small town way of life. I am also excited to attend all the summer festivities coming up in Fort Walton Beach and Destin. In a few weeks there's Pirate Festival which I guess is a huge parade and the whole town of Fort Walton dresses up as Pirates. Then seafood festival is next! I can't wait to attend all these cute festivals and be a part of the festivities!

All right, I guess I better get back to unpacking and cleaning. Tomorrow I will reveal lovebug's name!



  1. Are you guys stationed at Eglin?

    I've been in Destin for 3 weeks b/c hubbers has a class there. Were leaving tomorrow though.

    I'm depressed :( And VERY jealous of you being stationed in Destin. We're down here a LOT. If you want any tips on food places, let me know, b/c we eat out a LOT.

  2. I would love to get out of this chaotic ridiculousness known as Fayetteville, too! I'm ready to be done with this place. I bet Florida is such a nice change from here. Definitely jealous! Enjoy it!

  3. hoep the move went smoothly! Love Sanibel and Captiva its so realxing there!

  4. Welcome to Florida! I've always laughed when people told me they were jealous that I lived in FL because I had the beach all the time! Though it is never far, alot of FL is rural farming communities with pine forests! No one believes me when I tell them!

  5. Glad that you are happy with the house! We are still on the lookout...I imagine we won't know where we will be living until we get there. Just out of curiosity, how long of a drive is it to the Destin/ Ft Walton area from your town? Obviously, I don't want to say where you are on the internet, but we had ruled that area out b/c of the commute. Finding housing is proving to be a bit harder than expected, and we may consider it depending on how long the drive is.

  6. I am so excited to learn the name

  7. Glad to hear that things are going well with the house and the move!! I'm very jealous of Florida - the weather down there is always nicer than the weather in Canada lol.