Friday, May 13, 2011

Lady Gaga

So it's 1030 on a Friday night and I just finished mopping the floor. Not once but three times! I think I'm nesting. The hubs is in the nursery priming all the walls so I finally sat down and turned on the tv. Not much is on but I did find the Lady Gaga hbo special.

Now I love this chicks music. But I must admit she is very weird. Maybe I'm a little to old for her craziness but to me she's a tad bizarre

And I find her a walking contradiction. Again I admit I have all her albums and love her music so I'm not totally bashing her. I just find it odd her take on things. I've seen countless tv interviews with her and when asked by different people what the meanings are behind certain songs she always gives a different answer. I've heard two different meanings for poker face and two for the song she sang at the Grammys with Elton John last year

Then during this special she compares her fans to being her religion and also points to a male dancer and tells the crowd he likes boys and girls. He loves erryone just like Jesus. I'm sorry but to me you just don't compare someone's sexual preference to Jesus.

And she also states she doesn't lip sync. She clearly is!! She just makes me laugh

Don't y'all love this completely random post! My pregnancy hormones are kicking in and after a rough day I had to vent. Sorry Gaga!

Anyway happy Friday y'all. Have a great weekend

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