Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day

These pictures were taken in front of the Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville, NC on the first Memorial day the hubs and I spent together shortly after he returned home from a 9 month deployment in 2009.
Each flag represents a soldier who was killed in action or for veterans who had served in wars in the past. We went to purchase one for my great uncle and the flags were already sold out for the following year. I thought that was amazing that these solider's were being honored and remembered in this way

The metal structure in this picture is actually a part of one of the twin tower's. It always makes me pause and catches my eye when I have gone to the museum

Growing up we spent Memorial Day visiting my great uncle who lived in a veterans home in northern Wisconsin. Walking through the halls of that home/hospital was a constant reminder of what these men and women have sacrificed.

Now with my husband serving in the military Memorial Day means that much more. I am beyond grateful, proud and impressed with how brave and honorable my husband and our friends our. They put their lives on the line, spend months, even years away from their families and friends and rarely get the credit they deserve. This morning the movie Taking Chance was on. A hbo special starring Kevin Bacon about a Lt who escorts a body of a marine home to his family. The hubs and I were both in tears, he was remembering friends lost and I for the sacrifice many soldier's have made.

This weekend I was also struck by the fact of how appreciative our new home is to the military. We ordered a pizza from a local place in town and the cardboard box read Supporting Our Troops, driving the 30 minutes to Destin we noticed signs and billboards everywhere, all over local businesses thanking the troops for their service. Whenever we've gone someplace in town we are asked if we are part of the new unit moving in. When we respond yes everyone thanks and welcomes the hubs to the area. It always brings me to tears. Many of the condo's, hotel's and houses along the beach in Destin had flags draped over their balconies. It made me so proud to be the wife of a soldier.

So today as we all go out and enjoy the beach, or cook out's with family and friends let us stop, remember and give thanks to all those who have served, past and present, to all those who have paid the ultimate price and for their families

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