Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Relaxing Weekend at the Beach

I snapped this pic as we drove over the bridge from Fort Walton to Destin. The water is amazing!
This past Friday we finally finished the house. Well the hubby finally finished painting the house. Then we were able to hang up all of our pictures and the house now feels like home! I'm so glad the house is finished and the hubs still has two weeks left off of work! We still need to get a few decor type items for our bedroom and living room but those can wait!

Saturday and Sunday we spent a relaxing few days at the beach. But what is it about us that attracts the weirdo's at the beach. I will give you a few examples. 1. The day after our wedding in Key West, hubs and I went to the beach. As it was still April it wasn't very busy. Yet this 70 year old man in a purple thong had to come and lay face down in front of us. We didn't stay long!

2. Our honeymoon in the Punta Cana. A family of four came and sat next to us on the beach. The girl was about 13 and as she took off her swimsuit cover up she was in a thong. To make things worse this girl started posing in gymnast like poses, the splits, leg over her head while her mom snapped pictures. This girl later entered the Miss Punta Cana competition the resort hosted and she pranced around in her thong. Let's just say they were the talk of the resort that whole week

3. Our first day at the beach here in Destin. A middle aged lesbian couple came and sat down right next to us. Then they proceeded to read aloud to each other pages from Chelsea Handler's new book. This prompted them to engage in the discussion of how many women have you slept with. Have you ever slept with a man. (Apparently your not a real lesbian if you've slept with a man) according to these women. The final question started an argument when the one asked the other if she had ever been pregnant. When she replied no the other became upset and accused her of lying. This escalated into an argument. So we left. When relaxing on the beach I don't want to hear a straight couple, let alone a lesbian couple have the sexual history chat. Some things should be kept to themselves

4. This past weekend luckily we didn't have any weird instances. Though one thing that annoys me at the beach is when people fish right where everyone is swimming. As a kid I got a fish hook stuck in the palm of my hand due to a careless fisherman so I'm always paranoid about loose fishing lures around. And do I need to mention that fishing in a crowd of people is what draws sharks to the area. Doesn't anyone watch Shark week on national geographic! I do tend to have a fear of the ocean and only go in up to my waist. I'm slowly trying to overcome that since now I live near the ocean but it's slow going

Anyway I think I spent too much time on the beach this weekend because when we left Sunday I was really dizzy and felt hot. That feeling lasted all night. So from now on I think I need to spend more time in the water cooling off or drinking more water.

We finished up the weekend yesterday by going over to our new neighbor's for a bbq. They are so nice and friendly and it always helps when you get along with your neighbors

Hope everyone had a great weekend a good start to the week


  1. Oh man, do I ever miss Destin :(

  2. Sounds like a great weekend! So jealous of all your beach time, but not the weird people you've encountered haha! :)