Tuesday, May 17, 2011

All that is Baby

The hubs painted Gianna's nursery yesterday. We picked a soft shade of pink. I believe the hubs response after painting it was.. Wow I can't believe I'm painting a room pink! It somehow makes things seem more real now that her room is painted. We have her pack n play/bassinett set up in our room and one of her swings set up in the living room. We have been turning it on every night so the dogs can get used to it!My dogs are afraid of anything that moves so we need to start getting them adjusted to baby things now!

Friday we are having new carpet installed in Lovebug's room and then hopefully Friday night we can set up all her furniture. I've been searching for room decor on Etsy and am trying to decide how I want to set her room up

My mom comes into town tomorrow and then on Thursday, while the hubs starts painting the living room Mom and I are off to get some last minute baby essentials.

Our only options here in town are Target and Walmart. There is no Babies R Us, Buy buy baby or USA baby anywhere within a three hour radius.

So I ask for your help on what essentials are a must but.

Here is my list of what we need

Mattress-Any specific brand we should look for or stay away from?
Breast Pump-Again any brand which works better than others
Bumbo chair
Crib sheets
Diapers-although I'm not sure whether to buy newborn sizes or the next size up
Lamp for the nursery
Hamper for the nursery
crib sheets
moby wrap
dreft- Did you moms out there wash the clothes and blankets only once in dreft before putting them away or did you wash them multiple times? I've read differing opinions on that
play mat
Angel Care Monitor

We are def good on clothes, burb cloths, receiving blankets, blankets, rattles and bottles. WE also have baby monitors and a diaper pail

I can't think of anything else we should get!
Any advice would be appreciated



  1. So exciting! When I was pregnant, I read to buy 100 newborn diapers and 500 size 1s. Our daughter was in newborn diapers until 7 weeks, which was about 700 newborn diapers! So I guess it depends on your baby's body shape and size. She was also in newborn clothes until 8 weeks, and shen is in the 50th percentile for weight and 75th for height, if that gives you an idea. We stocked up on baby wash and lotions, only to find out she is allergic /has ezecma and needs all fragrant/dye free products (no Dreft). So you never know if that little one might surprise you! Enjoy the last bit of your pregnancy!

  2. So here is my two cents:

    Mattress: just make sure it is extra firm
    Breast Pump--We had/have a Medela PISA and love it
    Diapers--buy both. M was in newborn diapers for at least a month.
    Detergent--We used all free and clear, free of dyes and perfumes. Works just as well on sensitive skin as dreft, and costs a hell of a lot less.
    Angel Care Monitor--I didn't have one, but heard from friends that is actually caused more scares than anything.

  3. on the breast pump I got a medela...I know they are SUPER expensive but the reviews on them are amazing...
    detergant I used free and clear, same with the fabric softner
    did you buy a humidifier? I was told to buy one, so I put it on my registry.

  4. I got a Medela Pump Instyle and I LOVE it. It works awesome and I am so happy with it. Don't love the bottles that come with it though - I highly recommend either using the Playtex dropins or the NUK bottles with orthodontic nipples.

    We use Dreft, but I have never heard about washing things multiple times. We just washed everything once before use. A tip: don't wash all your clothes at once. You'll be surprised how fast babies grow out of their clothes and you might not even wear all the outfits you got in a particular size, so if you still have the tags on, you can exchange them for the next size.

    We ended up using newborn size diapers a lot longer than we had thought we would. They are good up to 10 lbs but we definitely found them to be quite tight once she neared 10 lbs. She wore newborn sized clothes and newborn sized diapers until about a month old - she was born at 7.5 lbs.

    Humidifier - YES. Babies breathe only through their nose in the beginning so this is so important to prevent stuffy noses. Plus, the sound is soothing at night!

    Also of key importance: swaddling blankets or wraps. Most receiving blankets don't cut it for swaddling, so buy blankets specifically labeled as swaddling blankets (aden & anais has awesome ones). Or I suggest buying the Summer Infant SwaddleMe - works great too.

  5. can i make a suggestion. Call the local la leche league or your breast feeding consultant at the hospital and ask if you can rent a double pump. I have bought a million pumps (okay a few) and the one I found works best is the one I rented from the hospital after my preemie
    laundry soap- I make mine and use it on the baby stuff too
    diapers-some newborn but mostly size one, lots of people will give diapers as gifts so buy big or at least tape reciepts to boxes so you can return them
    bumbo seat- it is the best thing in the world, I mean seriously. with my last child I did not even have a high chair, we went straight from bumbo seat to booster seat at the table
    changing table-seriously bought 2 different ones and never used them for more than storage. when you are in livingroom you do not want to walk all the way to the bedroom.

  6. I have a brand new avent pump that i bought and i never took it out of the box. it got WAY better reviews than the medelas and i'm selling it! if you're interested, maybe we can work something out? i'm selling it for less than i paid because i just want it gone and want to recoup some of my losses.

    my son was in newborn diapers for about 3 weeks and newborn clothes for a month. remember most of the stores will let you return them if you don't use them and they aren't open, so i would get some! my son was 7.4lbs at birth.

    we use all free and clear or the costco brand free and clear, it works the same and is A LOT less. i also just washed his clothes once before he was born and it was fine.

  7. My advice on pumps, is that medela is the one most recommended by lactation consultants BUT it depends on what you are going to use it for. Are you planning to pump because you are going back to work, or are you going to pump occasionally so that your husband can feed her too? If you are just going to pump on occasion, get a hand pump that you think has received the best reviews.

    Diapers, I would say buy a small package of newborn diapers and then buy a box of size 1's. All the diapers/wipes at the base hospitals are free for you to take! FYI. Also, buy a big box of unscented wipes. If you are breastfeeding they tend to poop A LOT! Also, make sure you have some sort of diaper rash cream (I always use A/D).

    I only washed the clothes once in the free and clear laundry detergent and my babies never had issues, but that is definitely up to you.

    Good luck! You guys are going to be great parents.