Friday, January 1, 2010

Deployment and Newlywed Weight Gain!!

This morning as I stepped on the scale I cringed. I had gained 7 pounds due to all the holiday festivities these past two weeks, on top of the weight I had gained during M's deployment and after!!!

When M' deployed my goal was to keep myself as busy as possible. On top of my already full time job I added two other part time jobs to my schedule. Basically I worked 8am-midnight. My full time at the police dept was second shift. I was warned when I started that by my second year on the job I would start to gain weight. When I asked why, all the police officers said it was because of the shift in general. Having to eat at 8:00 at night and drinking soda to stay awake wreaks havoc on the body. Add to that deployment stress and also working with three pregnant women who constantly brought in food for the office, it wasn't long before I gained ten pounds.

M's deployment was rough on us. We were newlyweds who were spending our first year apart.we had to figure out everything over the phone and through email. Needless to say we were awful at communicating and instead of focusing on the other person, we became two selfish individuals. We fought constantly about anything and everything. I was stressed to the max! I had read somewhere that when you are stressed you gain weight differently. As someone who luckily only gained weight evenly I started to gain weight in the worst area a woman can, my stomach. My once flat tummy now had a pudge!

So before M returned I hit the gym hard and dieted like no other, finally losing the weight I gained. That didn't last long however, after months of eating rice and beans, M wanted to eat anything and everything. Chinese, mexican, burgers, you name it. He was always wanting to eat out. I went along with it and worked hard on choosing healthy portions and meals. I figured once I moved down to NC I would lose even more weight since I wouldn't be working second shift anymore,not to mention that my main cause of stress, the deployment was over!

I was wrong. For the first few months, I did good. I hit the post gym with the hubby and started getting on a routine. However once my work schedule changed, I was unable to fit in working out. I fell into a work out rut. A friend of mine joked that just like the freshman 15 in college, I was starting to gain the newlywed 20. And I was shocked to realize it was true. Now since M was home we had fallen into the comfortable routine of being with each other, eating out and even just snacking when watching tv at home.

I need to get back to the gym and start living healthy. My resolution this year is to give up soda, eat right and hit the gym.

How did everyone else deal with deployment stress? Does anyone have good diet tips? Please comment and let me know!


  1. I can definitely sympathize with all the eating out when they get home! Whew! I've put on a least 10 lbs since he got home in November...and we're getting married in 5 weeks! I'll be hitting up Weight Watchers until the wedding...good luck finding something that works for you :) By the way...are y'all still in NC? We're at Ft. Bragg! :)

  2. While I'm not an army wife, I can completely sympathize with the newly wed weight gain. It's so easy to become comfortable with your husband and just eat. Good luck with your weight loss goals - I'm right there with you!

    My best advice would be to keep some sort of food journal where you write down everything you eat and drink. It helps you to see exactly what you eat - you would be surprised how quickly it all adds up at the end of the day! Also, vary your workout routines (this comes from a personal trainer). It keeps your muscles guessing so they will burn more fat. If you do the same thing each time like always run on the treadmill or always lift the same weights, your muscles will become accustomed to these exercises and you will not see as great of results.

    Thanks for joining my blog - I'm a new follower to yours as well. I'm looking forward to hearing about your progress!

  3. I just weighed myself on NYE and just about died of shock, I probably weigh the heaviest I have ever been.

    Our first deployment, I lost weight, the second I gained it. What I want to know is how I managed to stay skinny during that first one when basically all I ate was mac and cheese and drank coke, and gained during the second when I was actually going to the gym?

  4. Hi thanks for stopping by my blog! I'm not an army wife, but my hubby's brother is in this army and I'm very close to his wife (my SIL). She's had to deal with 2 deployments so far and I think she kicks it into high gear when he's about to be home. Good luck with your resolutions!

  5. My heart goes out to you - I can't imagine the stress of deployment! However, for weight loss, I swear by Weight Watchers - I started up again today. The food is great, and I love being able to track everything online and from my cell.

  6. Girl, you and I could talk for hours on deployment, stress, weight gain...ugh! I see you are a new follower on my blog ;) I can't wait to read up on yours! Us military wives need to stick together...;)

  7. Katie,
    I saw that you were by my place by looking at the blog frog :o) Thanks for taking a peek and I hope you come back & I'd love to hear from you any time.

    My hubby's a retired Army helicopter pilot and what i seemed to notice when he was deployed was that I would lose weight (I tend to not feel like eating when I am feeling even a little stress)... but now that he's home and with Thanksgiving and Christmas...the weight really does add up quickly!

    It sounds like you keep pretty busy. I admire you for resolving to exercise and watch your eating. I really need to get to doing some form of exercise!

    Blessings & Aloha!
    (also..your photo of you and your hubby on the side "The Mr and Mrs" is so cute! And so is the photo of your furbabies :o)

  8. I've definitely not been keeping up with the healthy eating myself. I've caved in and done the crappy eating/eating fast food frequently this past month. I'm getting slowly better, but I definitely think that working out and spending time with friends helps SO much with deployment stress.