Friday, January 8, 2010

Where is the Snow??

Yesterday at around noon, the news and radio stations started reporting that North Carolina was going to get hit with a snow storm. SO by 5:00 everything was on a two hour delay for the following morning. As everyone was rushing around, heading home to beat the storm I couldn't help but laugh. In Wisconsin, where I am from, they are preparing to get a foot of snow and nothing will probably even get canceled!!

Since I was supposed to work with a kiddo at his school for the first half of the morning today, I called his mom last night asking if she knew about the delay. I never heard back from her so I set my alarm for 5:30 and set about getting ready. At about 7:30 which is when I normally head out the door she called and said she wasn't going to send her kids to school.

So I now had a free afternoon until 3:30 and since the hubby was still sleeping, I decided to catch up on my tv shows. I probably should have hit the gym but The Real House Wives of Orange County and Teen Mom was calling my name

For some reason I am addicted to reality tv. It's just mindless entertainment and watching it is my way of relaxing. I couldn't help but laugh at the stereotypes portrayed on these shows but I love them all the same

My favorite part of the Real Housewives of Orange County was hearing about how the new housewife, Alexis, a small town midwestern girl who is married to a god loving man explained that their relationship is based on god, their marriage second and their children third. They showed a scene of her and her family at church and I couldn't stop laughing. Her plastic surgery enhanced boobs were falling out of her shirt!zI have never seen anyone at church wear what she wore. It was also hysterical to watch her husband tell their three year old that she needed an attitude adjustment and her behavior was unacceptable. I'm sure she really listened to him. And one more point about the new housewife, I don't understand why she is a stay at home mom with two nannies? Now before anyone takes offense to this, I do not mean anything by it. I do not have children so I know nothing about parenting. I just find it amusing that she calls herself a stay at home mom but then has the nanny watch her kids during the day.
Gretchen is my favorite of all the housewives.Dspite her bad reputation, she seems to be more real and down to earth than the rest.

Teen Mom- In a way I feel bad for these girls. The story of the one who gave her baby up for adoption is heartbreaking. Farrah,the party girl however is another story.She is constantly pawning her baby off on her parent's and screaming at them when they tell her should spend less time partying and more time with her baby. This makes me want to reach into the tv screen and slap her across the face. I feel bad for judging, I probably wouldn't have been the most responsible parent if I would have had a baby as a teenager. Heck I will be 26 in a month and am starting to feel that i am ready for parenthood!

All in All it was a great morning catching up on my shows. The DVR is all set to record them next week. I can't wait to see what happens

On another note, M and I went to lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings. I stuck to my diet and got a grilled chicken salad and a water!! However, tonight we are ordering pizza for dinner. I am only allowing myself to have one piece as I also ordered a salad from the pizza place. I still haven't made it to the gym but tomorrow after I get off of work, the hubby and I are working out and then tanning. I love doing things like that together. No one can get me more motivated than he can!!

The pizza just arrived so I am off. Hope everyone has a great start to the weekend!


  1. I am totally catching up on my shows right now too! Hubbs is working swings this month and since the toddler is asleep and dishes are clean I am sitting back watching Modern Family on Hulu! HA! I love working out with the Hubbs too.. so much easier to stay motivated!! Yay for a good day!

  2. I AM ADDICTED TO REALITY TV TOO!!!Hubby gets so annoyed with me, but I just can't help it!

    I need to get my butt in the gym too - I've been sick all week and I'm seriously slacking on my resolutions.

    We didn't even get a two hour delay. Charlotte hasn't gotten an ounce of snow all winter - I'm so mad!

  3. I love real housewives as well! I haven't seen the Orange County one, but the Atlanta one and New York City ones are my favorite!

  4. Good for you at BWW! I actually met some friends up there tonight, and had to eat my dinner before so I wouldn't be tempted. Love their spicy garlic boneless wings :)

    AND to answer your earlier question...I share my birthday with my best friend and another friend, so we always get a big group of girls out in DC...getting an apartment for the night this year, can't wait :)

  5. Im a reality tv junkie! I so agree about Alexis...she drives me crazy! and dont get me started on Teen Mom Farrah!

  6. i love RHOOC! i'm addicted ;)
    i'm also addicted to a lot of reality tv, ha!
    so of course i also watch teen mom!!
    love that all my bloggy friends are watchers too ;)

  7. Hey girl! Check out my blog, I left you some love!

  8. I guess all women are addicted to Real Housewives Franchise. I LOVE IT! It was a nice addition when they added 'Watch What Happens Live" with Andy Cohen, he is funnY!

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