Monday, January 18, 2010

The Blogger BFF Award!!

So I said once I hit 85 followers I would create a blog award. That time has come. I still am in utter shock that I have reached 85 viewers. I remember starting my blog and thinking that no one will ever want to read what I write or even cared what I had to say and now I have 86 followers.Thank you all for following and reading!

The award I created is the Blogger BFF Award! One of my good blogger friends Amber helped me think of the title as I am so not creative! Thanks Amber
I came up with the Blogger BFF award because it was something a little different from the other awards I've seen. I thought up this idea when I was thinking about how friendships are created from blogging. I've seen many people meet up with fellow bloggers and then post about their get togethers. I along with many others feel that I can be more open and honest with my blogger friends than I can some of my own real life friends. I also am amazed by how people share their joys, struggles and triumphs with their readers and how you feel like you know them and can relate to them by what they have written. The bloggers that I have chosen to receive this award are all different but yet I have found something in common with each and every one of them. I feel like I know them through their posts and look forward to reading what they have to say like you would look forward to a phone conversation with a good friend. I like being able to get to know them and read along on their journey's as a newlywed, army wife, mom to be or a new mom. I look forward to reading more from each and every one of them! So here it is, the Blogger BFF Award

I present this award to
Amber from The Survival Guide for the Young,Fabulous and Newlywed(
Meredith at Write It On Your Heart(
Laura at Cowboy Boots and Booties(
Mrs. P from A Little Pink in a World of Camo(
Mrs_Muffins at
Ashley over at For the Love of Shoes and a Baby Too
Kristin at Deeply In Love
Expat Girl at The Sand is Different Here
Tay at Jimmy Choos and a Baby Too(
Tori at Tori and Chad(
Sarah Ann at Misadventures in Matrimony(

The rules of this award are as follows
1. Thank and link the person that sent it to you
2. Present this award to at least five people and explain why you chose them for this award
3. Copy and past the award on your blog


  1. <3 aww! thank you! i feel the same way and the picture of the little girls is just so sweet!

  2. I love it! The award is super cute - you did such a great job! Glad I could get your creative juices going.

    We should definitely meet up. I guess I can forgive you for trying to steal my man - you just have to post some good pictures and give all the details. I seriously am so jealous.

  3. You are so sweet! Thank you so much. I look forward to getting to know you more too! =]

  4. What a fun award! Happy 87 followers :)

  5. Aww thanks your so sweet! The award is too cute -great job!

  6. thank you thank you! what a super cute award!

  7. Super cute idea! I love the image on the award. How do you girlies create your own award? I'm not that crafty.

  8. Yay, I'm so excited! Thank you! I'm not feeling well today (or yesterday) so I will try to get my post up in the next day or two here. Again, thank you, it has been so much fun getting to know all of my blogger friends.

  9. What a cute idea!!! I JUST started my blog and can't wait to get some followers lol so I don't feel like a loser anymore:-)

    ~Tamara Nicole~

  10. I am honored! A brand new award and I get it woo hoo!!!

  11. THANK YOU SO MUCH! This is so sweet of you!