Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Your Questions Answered!!

I meant to post this last night but didn't get home until late from work and did not feel like doing anything!
Here are the answers to the questions you all asked. Warning, long post ahead

Many of you asked how my hubby met, how he proposed and how long we have been married.
We technically met on myspace. I was working with his sister at the police department and she had asked me to help make her a myspace account so she could keep in touch with her brother who was deployed. So once her account was created, we were her only two friends. So we added each other just for fun. Well he thought I was cute and started talking to me. I responded frequently but didn't think it would go anywhere. Then his sister and I planned a trip to vegas for our birthday's. She then asked if her brother could come along since he would be back from his deployment. I couldn't say no! So he came into town for his month leave and we met up and hung out pretty much everyday until his leave was over. I even went back to NC with him! By the end of the month we were talking about getting married.
The Proposal
After M returned to NC we had to do the long distance thing from NC to WI. So we took turns flying out to see each other on the weekends. One weekend we were unable to see each other because of the price of flights. I remember it was Jan 24th, a friday night and I had just returned to my apartment from going out to dinner with my dad on his bday. M had gone to Charlotte NC for the day to look at rings. However he told me his phone had dies while he was driving back to Fayetteville so I wasn't able to call him. So I was watching tv at about 10:00 at night waiting for M to call and all of a sudden there was a knock on my door. M was outside my door with three roses. He got down on one kneee, explained that the roses represented our past, present and future and then proposed!! Of course I said yes!!
We were married April 11, 2008 so April this year will mark our two year anniversary. All in all we were together about 5 months before getting married. Our families were not happy, nor supportive but when you know you know!
The Wedding
We were married on the beach in Key West, Florida. It was perfect. We had wanted to wait until he had come home from his deployment but his deployment dates kept changing along with the length of the deployment so that was another reason for the short engagement!
The honeymoon...
M deployed a month after we were married and returned home in January of 2009. I came down to NC to set up our apartment and stuff and it was then we planned our honeymoon. We went to Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic in March of 09. It was nice to finally be together after him being gone for so long. Hopefully we can plan another trip soon

Army Life
M dropped out of his senior year of college right after 9/11 because he felt a calling to serve. He has been in ever since.
My favorite thing about being married to a soldier is the sense of pride I feel for him. I am so amazed that I am married to someone so selfless, someone who puts his life on hold to serve others.I am just so proud to be his wife and to be a part of something greater. I love the military community and in being a part of it.
The worst part of Army wife life is the waiting and the constant changes. One day it's the hubby is deploying, the next day he's not, then it's he's going somewhere for training and so forth. You never know what is going on or what to expect. I am def. your type A personality and need to have everything mapped out. How am I supposed to write everything down in my three planners when things are constantly changing!!
Mateya asked how we dealt with the stress of deployment. To be honest, we didn't do a great job of that. I just tried to keep myself as busy as possible. I worked three jobs and was always on the go. M would ask about my day but then get mad when I would tell him what I was doing. If I went to the movies he was mad. If I went shopping he was mad. It was awful. I also didn't do a good job of being there for him. I was more concerned about making sure I was ok than I was in making sure he was ok. I tried sending care packages and being there for him but I think I spent most of the deployment focusing on how it affected me, rather than on how it affected him or us. We were able to sit down and talk everything out after he returned and I know if he deployed again we would be find. It was a good learning experience for me because I needed to learn that I am not the only one affected by what's going on in our marriage. Communication is the key and while we struggled with that during his deployment we have gotten much better at it since he has returned home.
As of know we are deciding whether or not M is going to stay in or not. He has been in 7 years and when his contract is up he will have put in 10. I want him to stay but he is unsure. So everything is up in the air
Future Soldiers
IF it was up to me I would be pregnant now. I want a kid so bad. M says all I ever talk about is babies. I am reading What to Expect Before your expecting, Making Babies and Taking Charge of your Fertility. And we haven't started trying yet. WE will probably start in about a year. We want to focus this year on paying off as much debt as possible so that when a baby does come along we are financially stable. So soon we will start trying!
I want three kids and M want's two. We will see who wins that battle

I got the idea of blogging last March, when I was preparing to move to NC. A friend of mine had recently started blogging to announce her pregnancy and I thought it would be a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends back home. I didn't actually start blogging until December of 09. Now I am officially addicted. I love it. I love all my blogger friends and connecting with people I have never met. It's like having your own personal support group.

My Job

I am a Applied Behavioral Analyst. I work with kiddo's that have autism. My company works specifically for military families who have children with autism and I love it. I work with the kiddo's one on one in their home's or at their school. The programs vary with each kid and my day to day schedule is always changing. It is at times frustrating and rewarding but I wouldn't want to do anything else

Favorite Place to Shop

Forever 21!!! The Fayetteville mall doesn't have much to offer but I love Forever 21. Such cute and reasonable clothes. It's the perfect place to shop when you have a shopping habit like I do

Current Place of Residence
I currently live in North Carolina. I have lived here for 8 months now and finally feel like I am adjusted to life here. I grew up in Milwaukee, WI and while I miss living in a big city I do like the aspect of a small town. Though whenever I drive to Raleigh, NC I get very excited when I see a skyscraper. I do miss the lights and skyline of a big city.
The thing I love most about NC is living near the beaches. I am a beach girl at heart and could spend all my time laying out and reading a book. This summer we plan on spending every weekend possible at the beach! Wrightsville beach is my favorite beach here in NC. I do believe it's where Dear John was filmed!!!

Someone asked where my favorite place to be is. Either alone or with my hubby. I love being in Key West, Florida with my hubby. We vacationed and got married there and it is one of our favorite places to visit.
My favorite place to be when I'm by myself is curled up in bed with the dogs and reading a good book.

Mrs. P asked if I was a shoe, what kind would I be? I would have to say a pair of sexy gladiator stilettos. Like the kind Sarah Jessica Parker wore in Sex and the City the movie during the scene when Mr Big and her are looking at apartments. I would want to be that pair!!

Amber asked if M wasn't in the military where would be be? Well we probably never would have met! Our dream is to live in a small town, somewhere in Massachusetts or Key West, Florida. I have always wanted to run a bed and breakfast. Maybe one day that will happen for us

I don't have much time for anything besides school and work but some of my hobbies are reading, shopping, yoga and working out. Most day's I just love cuddling up with the hubby and watching a movie or reading.

DeDe asked about our furbabies. Both are labs. Kenzie is a black lab. She will be three in July. I rescued her from the Wisconsin Lab rescue. I got her when she was 13 weeks old and she was clearly abused. She is very jumpy and timid. If M and I are talking to each other from different rooms, she shakes and cowers in the corner because she thinks we are yelling at her. But she is def a momma's girl. She was my rock when M deployed. I know that sounds silly but when I was living alone in my apart with her I never felt alone. She assumed M's spot along the side of me in bed when he deployed and was shocked when he returned home and she now had to sleep on the edge of the bed.
We got April in April of last year for an anniversary present to each other. Kenzie was very upset at first. We literally got April two days after moving to NC and Kenzie was still adjusting. After about a day or so Kenzie finally stopped growling at her and started becoming protective of her. To this day, April can bite Kenzie until she bleeds and steal away her toys and Kenzie just let's her. She is such a good dog. April is still growing out of her puppy stage and is quite the handful but we couldn't ask for better dogs


  1. As a somewhat new reader, I really enjoyed this! Thanks for posting!

  2. Aw yay I LOVED this post and all of your honesty when it came to the deployment question too : ) Mr Soldier spent a few yrs living in Wilmington so we spent a week at Wrightsville beach last summer (actually that photo i jsut posted of our jeep was the beach house we rented!) Ohhh how I wish it was summer!

  3. love it! You make me want to start reading what to expect before expecting and we havent even thought about trying yet! : ) (Even though I already have all the babies room planned)

  4. I loved reading this. I had no idea how you and M met - what a great story! 5 months and then engaged? Wow...but you're right - when you know, you know.

    Girl - if you miss sky scrapers you should seriously just come to Charlotte. I can plan a great day in the city for us and you will feel totally spoiled. Charlotte is way better than Raleigh!!

    Couldn't agree more about blogging - it's addictive and I feel like I have so many more friends in my life now. LOL

    PS - you're going to see my love in 3 days. J.E.A.L.O.U.S!

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  7. Fun to read about you! I completely relate to the whole deployment thing. My husband and I went through our fair share and communication is absolutely the key. I think it definitely made our marriage stronger. I also love being married to a military man. I am so proud of him and how he serves his country. There really is nothing more noble!

  8. I think all of us met and married our husband in less than a year! LOL And we all seemed to have officially met on leave.

    Punta Cana was on international house hunters last night! It was really pretty!

  9. Such a fun post! I love all your answers. We could be good friends. The SJP comment about the shoes, Priceless. Great answer. And forever 21! LOVE IT!
    Your love story is so sweet and your job seems so special.
    Thanks for filling us in.

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    i'm also a F21 shopper ;)
    from the kinda the same area as you, in a MN gal.
    so much fun reading about you hun!! i love learning about new bloggy friends!

  13. I grew up, and live (for now), about forty minutes north of milwaukee :)

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    And I feel the exact same way about the favorite thing about being married to a soldier :)

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