Thursday, January 7, 2010

An Unexepected Announcement

Today started like any other day. I woke up, went to work, and since my last kid of the day canceled, I was looking forward to coming home and relaxing before heading over to a friends house for a much needed girls night. I came home to find my hubby already home from work. He explained that he had come home to nap because he needed to go in later tonight to see off some of his soldiers off that are deploying.As he was saying this, he kept looking away and fidgeting. I knew something else up so I finally asked what was going on. I wish I hadn't. My hubby told me he would be deploying in a few weeks.

Now in a way I knew this was coming. My hubby has been home for almost a year and I have been lucky that he has been home this long. Last week we received news that his unit would be deploying but according to the CSM, half of the unit was deploying and the other half was not. M was on the half that wouldn't be deploying. However today we received word that he will be deploying. Now we have to wait until the army gives the final word. So it could be anywhere between two days, two weeks or three weeks. Time for us to "hurry up and wait" as the army saying goes

Thankfully it is only a three month deployment. After surviving a 10 month long deployment right after getting married, this one will be a piece of cake. But what makes me upset is that he is going to miss our birthday's and valentine's day for the third year in a row. This year we had planned to go all out for our birthday's. He will be turning 30 on Feb 18 and it is my golden birthday, 26 on Feb 26th. We were really looking forward to him being home this year and had planned to go somewhere romantic for a long weekend.I also was planning to throw him a surprise party and today had actually started calling his friends to try and plan a date. Well go figure that today we get the news he will be deploying and won't be home for it. Boo!!

I realize I am being a baby about this. I just really wanted M's bday to be something special, something he will never forget and now he will miss it completely. Oh well, I guess I can just postpone the party for a later date and not get too upset about it. I have a few weeks left before M leaves and I plan on spending every moment with him.

The plus side of him deploying is that I will knock out some of my resolutions
1. When M is gone I eat less so I will lose weight!
2. Save money and pay off debt- Extra money made during deployments will be going directly to our savings account
3. Working out-I will be so bored I will just spend all my time at the gym!! Hopefully M will come home to a thinner version of me!!
4. Concentrate more on school- I will have no distractions other than two big babies, aka dogs
5. Read-I have a huge stack of books that are screaming at me to read them

It's three months. We can do this. I just am dreading the thought of saying goodbye again. It's the worst feeling in the world. Welcome to the world of an army wife I guess

In other news, my friend's MIL did pass away yesterday night. Luckily they made it in time to say goodbye. Her hubby is taking emergency leave and will be postponing his deployment for a few weeks. I am glad he will get to take this time to be with his family. I feel bad complaining about M missing his bday and leaving for three months when my friends are dealing with something much worse.
So that's it. I am done complaining about upcoming deployments and missed bday's.
At least he will be home for our 2 year wedding anniversary!


  1. I admire your strength and will say a prayer for your hubby :)

  2. I'm so sorry, I can't imagine what it feels like. My husband and I have been separated before, but at the time we weren't married and we were just living in different parts of the country. If he ever gets deployed...I really don't know how I'll do it. You are so strong to have gotten through a 10 month deployment and that your worries are missed birthdays really impresses me. I know it sucks, but if that's the thing you are worried about most then you are seriously amazing. =]

  3. I'm so sorry to hear this, Katie :( I love that you listed out some positives that can come of this...what a great attitude you have!

    And don't give up on going all out for the birthday celebrations--Jesus wasn't born on December 25th, but that's the day we celebrate. In essence, what I'm trying to say is, no, he won't be home for your birthdays, but you can STILL go all out when he returns!! The day doesn't matter, it's getting to do the celebrating that does :)

    Hugs, my dear. I'm praying for you & hubby.

  4. I'm almost in tears reading this! I know how sad I get when my husband is gone for only 5 days, I can't imagine being without him for three months. But you're right - it will be cake compared to the past! And look all the positives you found - saving money - yay!!

    You guys should do something HUGE for your birthdays when he gets back. Just pretend that it's really your birthday. And tell everyone at the restaurant or wherever you are that it is your birthday.

    LOVE your header. :) I see that my instructions were helpful!

  5. I'd say you have every right to act like a "baby" about this! I know it's a fact of our life, but that doesn't mean it's easy. I love your positive outlook. Very inspiring!! Enjoy the time you have and try and fit in those birthday celebrations before he goes!

  6. Aww, bummer :( No feeling bad about whining, 3 months is still a decent amount of time and we all miss our hubby's even if they're just gone for the weekend. Glad you're looking at the positives though!

  7. I'm sorry to hear about your deployment news, it's never easy :( We did the hurry up and wait for about 3 months before we got official word, I think it was even worse than the actual word of him leaving.

    I hope it goes quickly and smoothly for you and you accomplish lots of your goals!! <3

  8. I agree, you have every right to act like a 'baby' about this! Deployments suck, no matter how long they are! I love your attitude, looking at the bright side. Those 3 months will go fast hunny, love him as much as you can from a distance, occupy yourself so that your mind has no time to wander and cherish the moments you have with him till he has to leave.

    Have a HUGE party to combine all the special days missed when he comes back! That would be extra fun!!

  9. Sorry to hear about the deployment, but most of all, I admire your husband and thank him for his service and your dedication to our country! Focus on your goals and three months will be nothing. Trust me. I have already been pregnant for four and they FLEW by!

  10. Sad face.

    My hubby hasn't been home for any of my birthdays... not since I turned 16. I'm 22.


  11. I'm sorry to hear this. I'll be thinking about you and your hubby. Just think how wonderful (and short it will seem!) it will be when he gets home!

  12. Katie - I'm so sad to hear about the deployment, but really impressed by your positive attitude. I know you will accomplish all those resolutions.

    AND, I thought you should know - I am also turning 26 on February 26th :)

  13. I'm so sorry to hear that but I am so impressed by your strength in your blog that I know you will be fine. Just complain when you feel like it and smile at other times- thats my motto so far! Stay positive and keep focused on the fact that its only 3 months and you will have him home with you. We will all try and be here for you during those months : ) p.s. i have the same bday as ur hubby!

  14. Sorry to hear about the deployment but it seems like you have a good attitude. Hopefully the time will fly by!

  15. first off I'd like to say that I LOVE the pictures of yall!!! yall are such a good lookin couple :)

    Secondly I TOTALLY understand birthday/military frustration!!! After Lee graduated boot camp I realized that we would miss spending BOTH of our GOLDEN birthdays together!!!

    It ended up working out for us though. His great grandmother passed three days before my birthday and there was no straight flight to Lubbock so he had to fly to DFW and have a two hour lay over on my birthday and his flight back from the funeral was on his birthday. So we were able to have lunch together and exchange gifts.

    I've never gone through an actual war deployment *Lee is in the Coast Guard* but I have gone three months without seeing him and not even been able to talk to him on the phone for a couple of weeks, so I know if its tough with him being in American water it must be SO MUCH MORE difficult knowing the man you love is at war.

    If yall made it through a ten month your FIRST year of marriage I know this will be a piece of cake for you!! I love the fact that you are focusing on goals and things to achieve while he's gone :) You are a strong woman!!!

  16. sorry to hear about your friend's MIL and about the deployment.
    i have to say, what a fabulous attitude you have about it though! you have such a great outlook and goals already set. that's great hun!!
    stay strong, keep your chin up and keep on smiling :) you have all of us for support too!! ;)

  17. Thanks for checking out my blog, I just became a follower of you too! I see you are working towards your BCBA, that's great! I work in a very behavioral program and am very familiar with all aspects of ABA. My undergrad degree is in Speech and Hearing and once I get my master's in Speech (hopefully will be in school next year!) I plan on going for my BCBA. It's a lot of work but soo worth it!! I look forward to reading your blog from here on out!

  18. Oh my god, I'm turning 26 on February 26th this year. No one else seems to have ever heard of Golden Birthdays before!!

    Thoughts and prayers for the deployment.

  19. I would be so disappointed too :( But it sounds like you have a good plan of things to do when he is gone which is the best way to get through a deployment :)