Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Valentine's Day

Hello my fellow bloggers. I apologize for being MIA lately.Things have been crazy around here since school started and my work schedule picked back up. I had been able to read everyone's posts on my iphone but that broke yesterday so hopefully I can get that fixed. Once everything calms down I will be back to commenting on everyone's posts. Pray that I get my phone fixed today. I am lost without it!

Valentine's day is fast approaching and I have no idea what to do for my hubby. You would think I would have a romantic day planned since this will be our first valentine's day together in 3 years but I don't and here is why.

Our first valentine's day together was celebrated a few weeks late right before we got married. I sent my hubby a stuffed bear from the Vermont bear company, made a cute picture frame with stickers saying We're engaged and took him to the Melting Pot for dinner. I also set up a scavenger hunt with cards explaining why I loved him that he had to find before coming across the frame

Last year we were unable tto spend valentine's day together as I had left NC a few days before to head back to WI to start packing up my things to prepare for my official move to NC

And this year I have nothing. It doesn't help that during M's deployment I made him every cute and romantic thing imaginable. I made him a blanket, a calendar with pictures of us, a photo book that told the story of our meeting, engagement and wedding and every other cheesy cliche thing you can thing of. What's left to do? And four days after valentine's day is his birthday. I can always fall back on the romantic dinner but even that's not that special since I make dinner every night and for new year's we made a nice dinner together. Are any of you having problems deciding what to do? What are you all doing for your spouses?


  1. I think as long as you 2 are together that's all that matters. My husband would be content with dinner just the 2 of us, and that's probably what we'll do. Everyday is great because we get to enjoy it together. I think we all get so hyped up on the day and making it extra special.

  2. My bday is four days after as well so Mr Soldier has been bitching haha! I think its true what you said, I am making his little 7ft room look like a princess palace over there with all the corny things I am making so I can understand why you would feel like you have run out but honestly being together is the best thing you guys have this year so enjoy it : )

  3. Valentine's Day is two weeks before both of our birthdays so I'm kinda clueless on what to get DH. I'm thinking something gadget-y because boys, no matter how old they get, always love toys.

    The only other thing I have planned is Valentine's weekend is the anniversary of the first time we ever kissed, so I thought I'd kinda do a "Happy First Kiss" anniversary. I'm going to get him a big Hershey's kiss and make a little card that says something along the lines of how we've never had 365 days of continueous kisses but that first kiss made me look forward to kissing him the rest of my life. I'm still working on the wording... but it's something you could still since you've never had - or will ever get an entire year of kisses. Or you could even say something about how while he was deployed you missed his kisses and you're looking forward to making up for missed time in the upcoming year.

  4. I'm probably not all that much help because I usually just either cook like you say you do or we go out to dinner. I'm way past all the cute gifts, I've given and made all the things I can possibly think of making for him. Now we have our sweet Cooper who will most definitatly be celebrating with us. I figure it will be dinner and a movie at home spending time together.
    Hmmm what can you do for your hubs though??

    Do something naughty, thats always fun.
    Ok if not that then maybe just make his favorite desert, get a movie he would like and not one you picked out and make him his favorite dinner?

    Sorry I'm not a ton of help. Good luck.

  5. I am at a loss girlie, my hubs does the planning for v-day, he took us to the beach last year. Maybe a nice weekend get away? A bed and breakfast?? I'm planning on baking some cookies to send to my deployed hubby this year, but I need to get on it - I've been slackin!

  6. We actually don't "do" Valentines day! It does feel kinda forced...and since we've gone many, many deployment induced valentines days apart, we choose to do things for eachother on unexpected days. Makes it seem that much nicer..."Every day is valentines day at the Blights" haha.

  7. We just don't do Valentine's Day..we'll probably go out to eat, but that's more out of a lack of desire to cook :)

  8. You know, I used to hate Valentines day. I just thought it was sooo overrated- and I haven't even been single on a Valentine's day since I was 14! I just never understood it.
    But my husband is TOTALLY into any excuse to buy cards, gifts, and going out to eat. I swear he takes advantage of it ALL.
    So what I did last year was I got him this humongous card from Spencer's and...I can't remember what else now. lol. But what he got me was a snow shovel. Well, and flowers. But anyway, back to the snow shovel. I say go for something practical that he'll use a lot and needs, OR go for something he likes to do. For Xmas one year I got my husband a red xbox controller. It's all about getting creative and seeing things in a new light. =]

  9. I feel the same way. I can never think of sweet, romantic things to do for Hubs. This Valentine's Day we will be at a hunting seminar in Charleston(lol, super romantic, I know). We did spend our honeymoon in Charleston so hopefully that will add a little nostalgic value to the holiday.

  10. for valentines day this year we are having another couple over and my fiance is making us all dinner. not very romantic and i don't know why we even decided to spend it with another couple but it will be fun :)
    i was thinking of being kind of crafty and making my fiance a coupon book ;)

  11. Hi there! I just stumbled onto your blog, so I thought I'd stop for a comment! =) I love finding other Army wives...especially those who are new to this whole thing, and don't have kids yet! And, I too have no idea what to do for hubby for V-Day. You're not alone!