Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hair Woes!

This weekend I started going through some pictures from the past few years and after looking at them realized how much I changed my hair!

A few years ago I had a friend who worked as a hair stylist and she was constantly trying new things out on my hair. I went from brown hair, to highlighted hair, to platinum blonde hair to permed hair. After awhile though my hair was starting to get really damaged so I had to cut it off and start over. I grew it out up until my wedding and throughout my hubby's deployment but when I moved to NC I wanted a new start. Driving around from client's to client's house in 100 degree weather made having long hair unbearable. My hair is thin as it is so no matter what I did to it the minute I stepped outside it dropped and looked greasy. Plus I was sick of people thinking I was 18 years old. I wanted to look like a 25 year old professional. So around June I cut my hair a little bit above my shoulders in a one length bob cut and loved it!

A few months later, I needed to go back in for a trim and decided I wanted the lob. A long bob. I brought in a picture and told the stylist I wanted to keep the length but just go up a few inches in the back. Well she decided to go for it and I left with what I call the inverted mullet. The shortest layer was ear length and the longest was about chin length,. Plus it was uneven on both side. My hubby hated it. As I've mentioned in an earlier post, I have been struggling to lose those pounds gained during his deployment, so being a few pounds overweight and now having short hair made me feel very unattractive. But I decided to post some pictures of my different hairstyles over the years just for the fun of it..

Platinum blonde-Halloween 2006

Graduation-December 2006: A little more natural despite the frizzy perm

After I had to cut my hair and start growing it over: October 2007

The day before our wedding: April 10, 2008. My hair grew pretty fast from October until April. I added highlights and lowlights to create a beach look

My 25th B-day. Feb 26, 2009. I decided to try out bangs.

My hair this past summer right before I cut it, June 2009

My new one length bob-So cute!

My inverted mullet: I guess it's not horrible, but it's not the long layered inverted bob I asked for. Not to mention that my hubby now said I looked like a boy and called me his lesbian wife. So good for the self esteem

My hair currently-Starting to grow out a little

Feel free to comment. I'd love to hear people's opinions. I think my new hair color might be too dark. I just wanted to go natural but the stylist said I needed to go a little darker, not sure if I like it.

In the end it's just hair, it will grow. Now if only I knew a way to make it grow faster


  1. Don't worry, the hair will lighten up! I love the long bob but my hair is thick and naturally curly I fight it laying right way too much.. so long and with some layers it is!

  2. Aw, I don't think your new hair looks bad at all! (nor do I think you look like a man!) I think you look really great with brown tones but other than that, it looks like you can pull many styles off, which is awesome! My hair is always the same because it's so insanely curly. Which is sad, I wish I could have straight hair, or bangs, or even a cut that would show through the curls!

  3. I'm a hairstylist!!! Well... I quit working when I was pregnant but still. Anyways, I love your current color... but I do agree, it's a bit dark for YOU. My favorite color is probably the one in the pic from June 09, the warm tone really shows off your eyes. It looks like we have a very similar hair type. I reccommend taking Biotin and Folic Acid daily to help speed up hair growth.

  4. Thanks everyone. I felt a little vain posting a comment about my hair but it's hard to feel good about yourself and think you look good when your hubby hates it! So thanks for all your comments!

  5. I love the your hair from June 2009 -- the length and color is GORGEOUS!

  6. I personally like your hair now! I love the bangs and the color :) I wish I was brave enough to change my hair...I've never colored it and it's always been about the same length!

  7. You are so adventurous, Katie! Wish I could be like you. My favorite was the perm. Haha! And your "inverted mullet" did not look like that at all. I thought it was cute! :)

  8. I commend you for being a trooper and trying out so many different styles and colors. I wish I could do the same but I know I would be bald by now lol.

    Thanks for following me and I look forward to reading more of your blog!


  9. I think your hair looks amazing! I love your blog-hope you dont mind if I follow!

  10. I am too scared to play around with my hair. LOl The Hubby likes long hair only and last year when my son swatted the gum out of my mouth and into my hair I had to cut it chin length (Hubbs was deployed) Needless to say Hubbs called me a 'lesbian' too!! ugh...RUDE! lol I liked it but he definitely hated it so I ended up hating it too because I didn't feel pretty to him. :/
    I like the dark on you. I think it fits. ;)

  11. Whenever I play around with my hair I always end up hating the results. Like this summer, right before we got married I went and got it cut with layers and it looked terrible on me. Or the time I dyed it and it came out ashy brownish blond. Not cute.
    I guess we all have our ups and downs in hair don't we? =]

  12. Aww I love playing with hairstyles and colors, it's just hair it grows and you can always change it bacek. My fave is the long bob, which is actually what I have right now. Thanks for following me, I've started following too. I can't wait to read more.

  13. I wish I had your courage to experiment with different hair colors. I'm naturally blonde and have always wanted to go dark but I just can't do it!!

  14. I love how your hair is now! :) sooo pretty! If I could go dark, I soooo would!!! :) Love the blog!