Sunday, January 17, 2010

Weekend Recap

This weekend started off with a bang. I had my last kid late Friday afternoon. Since it was so nice here in NC I decided to take my kiddo for a walk. Now this kiddo is ten, has autism and is low functioning and non verbal. As we walked around the block a loose boxer came running for us. I am a dog lover and have two big dogs at home so I knew enough about dogs to know that this was not a nice one. It cornered us, barking and growling. I didn't run or look him in the eye. I just calmly tried to walk around him. That didn't work, he kept coming closer and closer. I had to go to some random person's house and ask for help!! We were able to walk back in the direction he came before the dog came running after us, at this point I am dragging my kid and walking as fast as we can. We made it into the kiddo's house just as the dog came onto his porch. I was scared shitless but at least we were ok!!

That night the hubby and I went out for some drinks. I'd say I deserved them. Saturday I worked and then went out with some girl friends to see The Lovely Bones. The movie was good but the book was def better. I would recommend reading the book before seeing the movie. It is excellent.

Last night M and I went out for a good friend's 30th bday. It was soo much fun. We were finally able to just let loose and relax. We danced, drank and had a great time. Today however M hasn't moved from the couch. I spent today cleaning and watching Jersey Shore. It's just so bad I can't stop watching it. Now we are watching the Golden Globes and I am going to start reading Dear JOhn again to prepare for the movie premiere this weekend.

The plan for that is the meet and greet is at 4pm on saturday. However the first 200 people in line are the only ones who get to attend the meet and greet. So you can bet I will be there at around 10am. Most of the people going are wearing jeans and heels. I think I should dress up more, so here is a pic of the dress I plan on wearing. What do you all think? Too dressy, not dressy enough or just right?


  1. I think that dress would be perfect :)
    I just love pretty dresses!!!

  2. Wear the dress! Definitely - you look super hot. And hubby should wear all black too - great picture!! :)

    Again - I did love you, but now I'm jealous and I don't know if we can be friends anymore. I can't believe you will get to meet the love of my life.

    Also - Jersey Shore!?! Really....I love reality tv...but just can't get into it!

  3. say yes to the dress! ha ha i couldn't resist

  4. the dress is really pretty! wear it!
    glad you had such a great weekend after that major scare on friday! yikes!!