Tuesday, January 1, 2013


I'm the type of person that carries around a planner 24/7. Years ago I not only used my planners to keep track of my daily activities, work schedule or homework assignments but also to record memories. Snippets of things I had done that day, or who I had spent that day with. Those sort of things. I could look back at a specific date and see my scribbles about going to see Bride wars with so and so, or ate at Applebees with dad for lunch. to some that may seem insignificant but to me it was important.I always want to be able to look back at years past and see a written record of all the things I've accomplished or done.

Now however I've become bad at capturing a memory and writing it down. Gianna's baby book is mostly unfilled and I cant tell you the day she took her first step or got her first tooth. I can tell you the month it happened or the age she was but as to the exact date I have no recollection

As time continues to pass I'm realizing more and more how fast kids grow up and I spend every day wishing my kids would always be this young yet looking forward to watching them grow

I came across a blogger who lost her daughter when her daughter was 18 months. From the moment her daughter was born she kept a journal and used it to write down all the details of their daily life. Things they had done that day, things her daughter had said and anything else she felt worth recording. Since her daughter has passed she said she was glad she kept record and that she has those memories to look back on. With the birth of her son she made sure to write every day so as not to forget anything

And so my main goal for 2013 is to take time every day to write in my journal snippets of my day. Feelings I had, activities done with the kids, moments I want to remember. Facts about the kids I never want to forget. Milestones, big events, minute details that no one else would care about. I want to make my entries letters to my children almost. Something I can give them years from now as a remembrance of their childhood and also as a way for them to know that I love them more than I can ever say. So starting tonight and every night forward this next year I am going to write to my children and become better and recording our memories, especially all the little details that you never want to forget

Do any of you do anything like this? How do you do it? Do you write in a journal or a yearly planner. I've seen it done numerous ways on Pinterest and I'm very excited to get started

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  1. I think this is a wonderful idea! :) There is nothing better than having written down wonderful memories and things you have experienced.

  2. YES! I have every intention of buying a planner for this exact reason. I also have notebooks for each girl where I write letters for them to read when they have grown.

  3. I took a picture every day (sometimes good camera, sometimes just my phone) and then uploaded it to a shutterfly website and wrote what we did that day, funny things Ascher did, etc. Now that it is 2013 I will put it all into a book and have it printed. I love being able to look back at every day! I did it in 2008, my senior year of college and again 2012. Love it!

  4. i totally USED to be like this as well. i feel too busy and overwhelmed at times to hold myself accountable but maybe someday again i will get back into this. i am interestged in "idaes" like this on pinterest though??